Team:Jilin China/HP/5

Decade Workflow

HP Details

  • From toolkit 1.0 to 3.0, the function of the RNA-based thermosensor collection has been improved a lot. Our toolkit has realized the need of precise intensity and broad sensing range. Of course, this is just the first step in our work flow.

    Tools with more precise intensity and temperature sensing.

    To provide a convenient pattern for the toolkit, a vector could be a fantastic choice. We hope to build a series of temperature induced vectors with stable expression and broader sensing range. To date, we have successfully designed our expression vectors and invite some professors and phD students to evaluate.

    A stable temperature induced vector.

    After the stable vector has been initially proved stable and useful, which may take around 5 years, we tend to make it marketed and popularized. A SWOT analysis will be required, and the weakness would be discovered and altered as market need.

    Marketing, Popularization & SWOT Analysis.

    The ample and stable finical support is terribly required for research transformation. After SWOT analysis, we will be able to ask for investment from both government and companies from different fields. Fortunately, our research in 2018 has been supported by TAIMEI.

    Looking for investment in different fields and do experimental evaluation of potential application.

    With financial support, scientists can do research with a mature temperature-regulated toolkit. Like CRISPR, which is a mature gene-editing toolkit. Our temperature regulation toolkit may be widely used in industry, manufacture and even medical research. It would take nearly ten years or more for scientists and technicists to realize possibilities of potential transformation.

    Cooperate with Companies & Promoting Society Benefit.

    The final goal of our toolkit is for benefiting the world. At that time, maybe 20 years later, applications based on the toolkit could be popularized with the support of big industrial or medical companies.