Team:Jilin China/Meetup



  • Communication makes the best!

    iGEM is not only a competition about experiments in labs, is about communication as well. For more communication in iGEM community, this year, we got out of lab and attended several meet-ups held by iGEM teams. We have built great relationship with some iGEM teams, which provided a solid foundation for us to collaborate.

  • NKU_CHINA: 10 Teams United!

    In July 6th to 7th, we went to Tianjin and took part in the meet-up with ten different iGEM teams from nine universities in NKU. We firstly introduced our projects and iGEMers brought up some questions while providing suggestions. On the second day, we introduced iGEM and synthetic biology to the students in NKU, helping to promote science among the campus.

    Based on this meet-up, we built friendship with TUST_China, Fudan_CHINA, NPU-CHINA and etc, which helps us to co-work in the next several months!

  • USTC: Seize the Chance!

    From July 22nd to July 24th, a conference for Honors Program Students in China was held in USTC. Thanks to this opportunity, some team members of the Jilin_China met the iGEMers from XJTU-China, BNU-China and USTC at the college of Life Sciences.

    After a short visit of iGEM lab in USTC, we introduced the project in 2018 followed by a heat discussion. We talked a lot about our experiments, Human Practices, Model and possible collaboration. Receiving some suggestions, we have gained a lot from those energic young scientists!

  • CCiC: The Grand Conference!

    CCiC (Conference of China iGEMer Community) is the largest conference for iGEMers in China, nearly all of the iGEM teams in China would attend this event and give the presentation.

    This year, the fifth CCiC was held in ShanghaiTech, and more than 60 teams went to Shanghai for a grand meet-up. During the five-day conference, we got the chance for face-to-face communication with professos and iGEMers. The suggestions from them were highly appreciated!