We have registered and participated in the Giant Jamboree.
We have completed all deliverables

We have finished our attribution
We have successfully completed the InterLab Measurement Study

We have added 5 basic parts, 4 composite parts to the iGEM registry, and have submitted 4 parts to the iGEM headquarters
We have close collaboration with 2 iGEM teams, and helped each other
We have completed silver human practice

Our integrated human practice directed and shaped our project
We have completed our project modeling
We have successfully demonstrate our work

Thus we have fulfilled all the requirements for the Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.

Bronze Medal

Criteria Progress
Regestration and Giant Jamboree Attendance
Competition Deliverables:
#1 Wiki
#2 Poster
#3 Presentation
#4 Judging Form
Characterization / Contribution
(1) Successfully complete the InterLab Measurement Study

Silver Medal

Criteria Progress
Validated Part / Validated Contribution
(5 basic parts, 4 composite parts)
Human Practices

Gold Medal

Criteria Progress
Integrated Human Practices
Model your project
Demonstration of your work