Team:SSHS-Shenzhen/Human Practices/8 Title


Mission: Wechat public platform

Date: from May 26, 2018 to present

Location: Online

We have published a total of 10 main articles on our Wechat public account to show people the diversity and interest of our summer activities, to introduce food safety knowledge, and to promote iGEM, a very meaningful activity.

The articles includee:
SSHS-Shenzhen general introduction
Field investigation
Expert consultation
Farmers interview
Rapid Pesticide residue detection on vegetables from small farmer’s market
A survey about food safety
Publicity for our project and food safety
2018 iGEM Southern China Regional Meeting
2018 iGEM Eurasian Meetup
Co-hosting and participating a meetup with SZU-China and TU Delft iGEM

Our public account has a whopping 1598 page views, with an average of 177 views per copy. This is a considerable number, which proves that there are many people watching our activities and cheering us on behind our backs.