Welcome to UTK IGEM 2017

Welcome to UTK IGEM 2018

IGEM Mission Statement

IGEM, or the International Genetically Engineering Machine, is an organization the facilitates undergraduate research on synthetic biology. Developed at MIT in 2003, IGEM has grown to include 300+ international teams that research applied biology and present their results at an annual jamboree. UT-Knoxville has sent their team for the past two years presenting a novel biodegradation pathway expressed in E.coli.
IGEM-Knoxville 2018 is returning to participate for a third year. We intend to expand the scope of synthetic biology by designing and developing another undergraduate research project over the summer. IGEM is a highly collaborative team, and calls upon various members to partake in project, design, laboratory wet work, and academic presentation.
In the winter and spring of 2018, we’ll collect an interdisciplinary team of approximately ten members and equip them with the necessary skills to think and work independently. Additionally, this time is spent on fundraising efforts. As the summer approaches, a project is decided- and the bulk of the lab work occurs over the summer. The fall is spent collecting our results and preparing the presentations for the coming IGEM jamboree (November).

IGEM Vaules


  • We adhere to the iGEM values and speak up when issues arise
  • Our actions reflect the iGEM spirit of scientific progress and science communication.
  • Good sportsmanship

  • We encourage one another and support those who also contribute to the iGEM spirit of scientific progress and science communication.
  • No malicious actions are tolerated.
  • Respect

  • We respect one another.
  • Diversity lends itself to innovation through civil discussion and cooperation.
  • Honesty

  • We tell the truth in all matters.
  • We trust that our team can work together to overcome any problem.
  • Celebration

  • We celebrate all efforts, leaps of faith, and initiatives undertaken by the team, regardless of the final outcome.
  • Even the biggest failures have something to learn from!
  • Even the craziest ideas have potential!
  • Cooperation

  • We help one another through effective communication and active participation.
  • Members are required to communicate and participate in team efforts.
  • Effort

  • We pour out our heart and soul into our projects. Every effort put forth by a team member is an extension of his or her being.
  • Self-Improvement

  • We strive to achieve our goals and to be better than we were yesterday.