This year, team BGIC-Global is dedicated to creating a valid solution to eliminate domestic formaldehyde as well as its harmful effects. We modified E.Coli bacteria to absorb and decompose formaldehyde into harmless chemicals by inducting foreign gene sequences. The bacteria and its function will be presented in a moderately sized device, "Formaldehunter", which will be sufficient to detect and rid of excess formaldehyde in a domestic environment, just like a real hunter.

Additionally, we established ties with another graduate team, TU Delft. This leads to both teams hosting the first Eurasian meeting where dozens of iGem teams from China and other countries shared their experiences and aspirations.

The motivation of our project stems from a number of cases where families unable to remove formaldehyde from their homes suffer physically due to poisoning. Provided the increasing population in China and increased demand for more houses, the danger formaldehyde poisoning is expanding dramatically. In response, BGIC-Global aims to make our product efficient, reliable and affordable for the public. We also hope that our project can prompt people to learn more about formaldehyde.