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At this point we would like to express our gratitude towards everyone who helped us realize our project over the course of this summer.

First of all, we want to thank our primary PIs, Prof. Andreas Burkovski, chair of Microbiology and Prof. Julien Bachmann, chair of Chemistry of thin film materials. Both also helped with fundraising by checking our application forms while also recommending our team to scientific foundations. Prof. Bachmann also helped with managing our finances.

We are also grateful that Prof. Yves Muller, chair of structural biology, provided their pET28a(+) vector.

The laboratories and equipment, Prof. Andreas Burkovski gave us access to were used for cloning and protein expression/purification. Here we also want to thank PhD Ranata Stavracakis Peixoto for her patience and availability for all kinds of questions. Thank you for sharing room 01.585 as well as your working experience with the microorganisms we used. Other staff member who introduced us to various methods and to the routines in the chair of Microbiology were: Susanne Gastiger, PhD Lisa Bäumer, Jens Möller, Laura Grebenstein, Dulanthi Weerasekera, and Patrik Blenk. Special thanks to PhD Gerald Seidel for checking our safety forms and giving extensive safety briefings before we started our Lab work.

Many thanks to IDT for the free synthesis of our sequences.

Prof. Bachmann's laboratories were used for various analysis experiments of our protein constructs. Much appreciated is the help of: MSc Pascal Büttner for communication with the chair, ALD, DC sputtering and ellipsometry, PhD Ignacio Mínguez Bacho and PhD Sebastian Bochmann for SEM. Additional help and crucial instruments for SEM were granted by Prof. Nicolas Vogel, Institute of Particle Technology. Our analysis experiments were conducted under the supervision of aforementioned MSc Pascal Büttner and our secondary PI Maximilian Wagner.

We want to thank Dipl.-Chem. Robert Branscheid, chair of Micro- and Nanostructure Research for TEM imaging and discussion of TEM results.

Lastly, we want to thank the Faculty of Sciences in general and for the use of the physicist CIP-pool required for the calculation of our simulations.

Maximilian Wagner: Organization, Funding, Chemistry Lab
Florian Wolz: Organization, Simulation, Design

David Rüscher : Main Bio Lab Worker, Organization, Research
Selina Beck: Main Bio Lab Worker, Organization, Research
Franziska Eidloth: Main Bio Lab Worker, Human Practice, Research
Tanja Meerbrei: Main Bio Lab Worker, Human Practice, Animated Movie
Sven Truxa: Bio Lab, Organization, Animated Movie, Funding
Lena Schorr: Bio Lab, Human Practices, Animated Movie
Marco Schäftlein: Main Lab Worker, Research
Verena Dietrich: Simulation, Funding, Website, Collaboration with Bielefeld
Andreas Ziegler: Chemistry Lab
Christoph Schüßlbauer: Chemistry Lab, Funding
Elisabeth Eckenberger: Chemistry Lab
Natalie Waleska: Chemistry Lab
Nico Wellnhofer: Chemistry Lab, Simulation, Human Practice
Moritz Schmidt: Bio Lab
Markus Ingold: Bio Lab, Collaboration with Athens
Anna Matheis: Bio Lab, Human Practice
Robin Voigt: Bio Lab, Simulation, Funding
Sarah Schlenker: Bio Lab, Simulation
Natalie Blaum: Bio Lab, Human Practice

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