This year, our project is to make a new biological mosquito killer kill mosquitoes in an environmentally friendly way. Mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and Zika are prevailing around the world and causing the death of a great number of people every year. Therefore, controlling mosquitoes is of great importance. There are two active components in our product: protein Cry11Aa and recombinant Aedes aegypti densoviruses. Protein Cry11Aa is solubilized in mosquito mid-gut and can lead to cell lysis when binding the receptor on the cell membrane. The recombinant Aedes aegypti densoviruses can express insect-specific toxin, which kills a mosquito by to affect insect neuronal sodium conductance. We mix them together to make effective and environmental mosquito killer. The new mosquito killer shows a high specificity for mosquitoes as a host. It is relatively stable in the environment and has the potential to spread and persist in mosquito populations. .