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A Synthetic Approach to Adsorbing Copper Ions in Aquaponics

Heavy metal pollution has been a hot issue among society, copper is one of the most universal types of pollutant. In aquaponics, accumulation of copper ions is toxic to organisms. In sight of this, we aimed to create a cost-effective device for the removal of metal ions in water. In this project, metallothionein, a type of protein capable of binding metal ions, was expressed in E.coli. The copper absorption capacity of the transformed bacteria is tested. From our results, E.coli can absorb copper ions at 10 mg/L and 2 mg/L. There is no significant difference between transformed bacteria and empty vector bacteria. At last, we tried circulating E.coli inside a dialysis tubing, and received a positive result, it is confirmed that the idea of using bacteria to remove copper ions in water is feasible.


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