Team:JMU Wuerzburg

Welcome to iGEM Würzburg!

Welcome to the homepage of our new established iGEM team of the Julius-Maximilians University of Wuerzburg, Germany. We venture to create an entirely new research project at our university. It is the first time participating in the iGEM contest. Our team consists of students from the fields of natural sciences, medicine and computational engineering. We have been working on our project for one year and are excited to finally present the results. As the very first project we focus our research on the construction of a qPCR-based rapid test system for diagnosis of infectious diseases. We are currently further elaborating a way our detection system can provide an easy-use low-cost application for faster and better diagnosis of Malaria as one of the world’s most spread infectious diseases.

©iGEM-Team JMU_Wuerzburg, edited and cut by Margarethe Hoffmann, music by courtesy of Cornelius Katz, „Epiphany“