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Fifty Shades of Stress
A colourful screening platform for detecting bacterial cell stress
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Antibiotic resistance is increasing across the globe, while the discovery of new antibiotics continues to decrease
By 2050, antibiotic resistance will cause an annual worldwide death toll of 10 million lost lives

To rejuvenate antibiotic discovery and safeguard our future, we present the innovative screening platform 50S.O.S.
50S.O.S. addresses
major missed opportunities in antibiotic research by enabling detection of stressful compounds, capable of damaging bacteria
Discovered stressful compounds are used in combination therapies, serving as novel antibiotics which are less prone to resistance
Additionally, our system offers immediate information on the compound’s mode of action, thereby shortening drug discovery pipelines
50S.O.S. visualizes bacterial cell stress by coupling stress-activated promoters to visual reporters
Twelve different integrated stress reporters allow for extensive and easy high-throughput screening of candidate compounds
Using 50S.O.S., we are one step closer to safeguarding our future
During the time you've spent on this page 12 people would have died due to antibiotic resistance in 2050