Team:NU Kazakhstan/Attributions

Bioremediation of Sour Crude Oil Waste using Cyanobacteria


Our team is genuinely grateful for everyone who supported and believed in NU_Kazakhstan iGEM 2018 team. Thank you for making our project unique and versatile. Special thanks to School of Science and Technology of Nazarbayev University for funding our projects annually and for providing us with the laboratory. Great appreciation for team members who have worked very hard indeed. No words will describe our gratitude for all companies and organizations who cooperated with us, gave honest pieces of advice and mentored us.

Team members

Project Idea: Daulet
Parts and gene construct: Daulet
Modeling: All
Wetlab: All
Interlab: Assel, Tomiris, Aiganym, Ayagoz
Collaboration: Assel, Atabek, Daulet, Tomiris, Aiganym, Nikhola, Aigerim
Human Practices: All
Wiki: All
Poster and presentation: Daulet, Assel, Aigerim

General Support

We are infinitely grateful for all support given by our Supervisor, PI, Instructor, Assistant Professor of Chemical Department at Nazarbayev University Abdulla Azzam Mahboob for the long hours he spent supervising us in the lab and his priceless contribution throughout the project.

Special thanks to all faculty members of the Biology and Chemistry Department of School of Science and Technology at Nazarbayev University for their great support, advice and working space provided during the project conduction

Project support and advice

Abdulla Azzam Mahboob, Assistant Professor, Chemistry Department, School of Science and Technology, Nazarbayev University. Supervised the project progress and protocols design. Assisted in designing and modeling of constructs. Gave the general guidance on the best practice in the lab and ensured the safety of the experiments performed. Supported us at every step of iGEM, was ready to listen to all our concerns and issues during project conduction, and helping us to find coherent solutions, staying late nights with us. Ordering reagents and solving every single problem we created. Assisted in getting S. elongatus PCC 7942 strain and reagents. Laurent Richard, Associate Professor, School of Mining and Geosciences, Nazarbayev University - made cryogel for our cyanobacteria.

School of Science and Technology, Nazarbayev University

Funded the registration fee for iGEM and trip to Giant Jamboree, purchased reagents.

Lab support

School of Science and Technology of Nazarbayev University: working place (laboratories), reagents and equipment.

Nazarbayev University Research and Innovation System (NURIS): reagents and equipment.

Special thanks to:

Aigerim Negmatova who helped us with providing and ordering reagents.

Baurzhan Negmetzhanov for sharing reagents, protocols and lab facility.

Valdemir Kim, Mariyam Akizhanova, Yerkezhan Kalikanova, Kymbat Mukhtarova for helping in idea generation, gene construct, and tackling the problems that we faced the last year.

Thanks to Arman Sabyrov for creating a code that allows easier codon optimization of genes for S. elongatus PCC 7942.

Ecostandard employee Moldagulova Nazira, Ayupova Aigul, Khasenova Elmira, Sembayeva Dinara for cooperation and sharing oil samples.

Wiki support

Thanks to Andrey Yershov for taking team photos. Thanks to Anara Zhanseitova for taking laboratory photos.

Special thanks to our web designer, Rustem Kaimolla.

Thanks to Togzhan Ibragimova for designing our team’s logo.

Appreciate the help of Dana Ryspayeva for illustrations on the wiki.


We would like to thank the official partner of iGEM 2018 Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) for 20 kb of free custom DNA and our official sponsor Nazarbayev University for making iGEM possible. Thanks to New England Biolabs for providing us with enzymes and other reagents. Special thanks to another sponsor NovoPro company which synthesized our genes and quickly delivered them to Kazakhstan. National Center for Biotechnology for providing us with free primers for submission.

We want to thank the manager of the School of Science and Technology Guldana Yessetova, who prepared all the documentation needed and supported us. We wouldn’t finish our project on time without her help.