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18th - 20th of August 2018 - Spanish Meet up IGEM in Barcelona

Navarra_BG went to Barcelona Biomedical Research Parc in August in order to participate in the Spanish Meet up IGEM event organized by UPF-CRG Barcelona team. In the first day of the meeting we did a workshop to share different team´s experiences during the previous preparation of the iGEM Proyects until this day. Then, all the participants presented our work in a “elevator pitch” format.

The second day, on Sunday, we presented Biogalaxy Proyect in a extended format and we attended the presentations of the rest of teams: UPF-CRG Barcelona, bioIGEM-IQS Barcelona, iGEM-Grenoble and Madrid-OLM. We helped each other sharing new ideas to improve the works in the next weeks. During this day our team received congratulations of the other participants: we were the only group formed by students of High School and university students were happy when they saw that young people achieved knowledges that usually are studied in university degrees like Biology, Biotechnology or Biomedic Engineering working for iGEM.

The last day, 20th of August, we did a skype-meeting with Thea Chyrsostomou, iGEM Coordinator in Europe. We attended too interesting conferences of Marc Güell, Jordi García Ojalvo, Nuria Conde and David Comas. They presented some innovations ideas related wih synthetic biology and the gave different ideas about possible future challenges to do in iGEM.

We returned to Navarra full of energy and ilusionated to continue working in Biogalaxy Proyect until October.

14th of September - Entrepreneurship and Synthetic Biology Event

Navarra_BG organized an Entrepreneurship and Synthetic Biology Event in the Planetarium of Pamplona in the middle of September. We share our Biogalaxy Proyect with more than 200 High School students that came to conference room of the planetarium.

The event began with María Sanz de Galdeano, Coordinator of CEIN Navarra. She encourage students to have ideas and to create their own enterprise and to chase their dreams. After her, María Sola, Project Manager of Cinfa Biotech presented her enterprise´work and she gave some keys to bring closer the students to the Synthetic Biology.

Then, Kristie Tanner, R+D Project Manager at Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence SL, showed her experience in iGEM and finally Dr Collins appeared in the stage with an interesting conferece too. He run projects that will accelerate the commercialisation of synthetic biology, growing an industry based on synthetic biology to make the UK and the world a richer place. He visited Navarra_BG´s laboratory and CSIC sciencists too during his visit to Navarra.

Special Thanks

  • Special thanks to the Government of Navarra for support Navarra_BG/Biogalaxy through Planet STEM educative programme.
  • Special thanks to CSIC´s scientists for being our friendly teachers in the laboratory.
  • Special thanks to Planetarium of Pamplona for being an inspiring workplace.