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NorthernBC-Canada Team

Our 2018 team is composed of young scientists pursuing either Biochemical and Biomedical studies. Our group is divided into a Wet Lab team and a Human Practices team. The Wet Lab team consists of Raliat, Sonia, Michael, Lisa, Erik, and Aashka, led by Connor. The Human Practices team consists of Alice, Victoria, Paige, Petra, Fatima, Ahmed, and Colin led by Jared.



Jared Pritchard

Leader of Human Practices

Hello my name is Jared, I am the leader of the human practices team, and one of the co-leaders for the 2018 iGEM team. I am going into my 4th year of a bio-medical degree and am excited to see what our iGEM team can do this year. Outside of research and school my interests include music, food, and sneakers. My favorite sneaker is the Air force 1, my favorite song is battle, and my favorite food is pizza.

Alice Won

Wiki/Human Practices

Hi my name is Alice Won and I am going into my fourth year of studies in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My studies at UNBC have been amazing. I have had so many incredible opportunities and learned so much! I feel passionate in pursuing a career in the healthcare field and medical business. Therefore, working as a part of the human practices team has allowed me to broaden my knowledge in public engagement and healthcare education. Outside of school, I play music, travel and volunteer for the community.

Paige Malmgren

Human Practices

My name is Paige Malmgren and I am entering my third year of BCMB at UNBC. I don't know exactly what I want to do with my degree yet but I do have particular interests in emergency medicine, bats, and dinosaurs. I doubt I'll find a career that involves all three, but for now I am really interested in gaining more experience in research in order to help me decide which direction I want to go in. I am part of our iGEM human practices team and have specifically focused on the drug review process in Canada and various outreach programs to help educate and engage the community.

Victoria Rea

Human Practices

My name is Victoria Rea and I am a fourth year Health Sciences student, majoring in biomedical studies at UNBC. I am passionate about quality improvement within the healthcare system, and am excited to be on the Human Practices team for iGEM this year. My hobbies include running, figure skating, hiking, photography, and travelling! In the future, I would love to travel or maybe study abroad before starting my career in the healthcare field! The most interesting part of the iGEM human practices team for me has been researching the common drug review process in Canada, and understanding a different part of healthcare that I had otherwise not been exposed to prior!

Colin Appleby

Human Practices

My name is Colin Appleby, and I am going into my fourth year of biomedical studies. My experience at UNBC has been incredible, and I am extremely excited to be on the human practices team this year. My goal for this year is that our team can make some dramatic improvements in treating MRSA while also increasing awareness of the proper preventative measures in the workplace. Working in the healthcare field is a strong interest of mine, and I hope that one day the knowledge I gain on this team will assist me in my career. Outside of school the main things I enjoy are listening to music and playing sports with volleyball and basketball being my favorites

Petra Schulting

Wiki/Human Practices

My name is Petra Schulting and I am a fourth year Biochemistry and molecular biology student at UNBC. I am one of the members of the Human Practices team of the Northern BC iGEM team for 2018. I hope to be a front runner in research and make a difference in the healthcare, and medical field from behind the scenes, i.e at a lab bence. In my spare time I enjoy venturing to the local little coffee shops of Prince George, as well as trying my hand at rock climbing, style and shoe shopping. I enjoy researching the current infection prevention protocols of Northern Health, and understanding how important the simple things are, when it comes to preventing disease.

Ahmed Chaudhry

Human Practices

My name is Ahmed Chaudhry, and I am a fourth-year student studying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. I am excited to be working as part of the UNBC iGEM team, and am looking forward to contributing new ideas related to MRSA in hopes of creating meaningful changes. My goal is to work in some aspect of the medical field once I graduate. My hobbies include producing music, as well as being an avid basketball fan.

Fatima Umar

Human Practices

Hello, my name is Fatima Umar Usman and I am an international student from Nigeria and currently in my 4th year of biomedical sciences here in UNBC. Schooling out of my country was a decision I made to experience education and lifestyle in another part of the world. I am intrigued by science and have a deep appreciation for all those who have worked and are working tirelessly to improve the lives of others through science. I love experimenting with food! I visualize it and then bring it to life. I am also big fan of the Fresh prince and J. Cole!

Ali Thomlinson

Wiki/Human Practices/student instructor

Hi my name is Ali Thomlinson and this year I am one of two Student Instructors for UNBC iGEM, focusing mainly on Human Practices. I have a BSc majoring in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and am currently gathering experience in research before pursuing further educational goals. When not at UNBC, I volunteer as a Brownie leader, and try to spend as much time as possible in the beautiful outdoors around Prince George!

Connor Johnson

Wet lab Leader

My name is Connor and I am one of the Co-Leaders for this years iGEM group. I am going into my fourth year of my biochemistry and molecular biology degree and my passion is protein chemistry. I am excited to hopefully provide an alternative treatment option for MRSA patients that steps out of the realm of antibiotics. If I'm not doing work for iGEM you'll find me in the lab optimizing a transformation protocol for Haloarcula marismortuii, a halophillic achaea from the dead sea.

Erik Schien

Wet Lab

My name is Erik Schien and I am a member of the wetlab for the Northern BC iGEM team. I have been accepted into the dentistry program at UBC and will be going there in the coming fall semester. Previously I completed three years of an undergraduate degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. I really enjoy research and outside of iGEM, I work in a lab at UNBC studying adipose tissue and obesity. I joined iGEM this year as it is a great opportunity to develop my own skills in the lab and as a researcher. I'm happy to be with the team this year and excited to see what our team is able to accomplish!

Sonia Kandola

Wet lab

Hi, my name is Sonia, I’m currently going into my third year of post-secondary education majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in General Business. I’m super excited to be a part of this year’s wet lab team! After I complete my BSc degree I hope to pursue a career in medicine. When I’m not studying I enjoy reading novels and in the summer I like gardening and long walks by the beach.

Lisa Russell

Wet lab

My name is Lisa Russell and I am a third year biochemistry student. I joined our school’s iGEM team because I would love to be apart of making our ideas and concepts a reality and presenting them on the international stage. After my undergraduate degree, I hope to continue on to a career in medicine. Outside of doing research I enjoy getting outdoors, travelling to new places, and experiencing new cultures. I grew up in Prince George and I think that being apart of iGEM is important for spreading the word about the amazing things UNBC students are capable of. Thank you to everyone who has supported our project!

Michael Jurjevich

Wet lab

Hi, my name is Michael Jurjevich and I am going into my third year of biochemistry and molecular biology at the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) in Prince George, Canada. I and super excited to be on the iGEM team for UNBC this year because I will get to gain valuable experience in the lab that can help me with my future goals. As for these future goals, I am not 100 % set in stone on what I want to do, but for now I am thinking of going into research. Medical research is what interests me the most and one idea I have is to potentially try and become an MD- PhD. The fact that out project this year is medically oriented means it is right in my area of interest, making it even more exciting to be on the team this year. I am really happy to be able to represent my school and my town in this wonderful event.

Raliat Abioye

Wet lab

Hi there! My name is Raliat and I'm in my 4th year of biochemistry and molecular biology. This is my second year participating in the UNBC iGEM team and I must say that I'm very proud of the progress that I've seen over time with our project from last year and I'm very exciting to see where it leads us this year. The reason why I decided to join iGEM was because of the free space it gives students to explore and push the bounds of science and research and to also see the potential to create great things, given the creative freedoms which is an amazing thing to be a part of. When I'm not eating, sleeping, or Netflixing, you can catch me occasionally dabbling into exercise and (potentially) human interactions.

Aashka Jani

Wet lab

Hi my name is Aashka Jani. I am going into my fifth and final year of a double major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with Honours and Psychology. This is my second year with the iGEM team and I’m excited to see the end product of our project! My hobbies include occasionally leaving Netflix to venture in the outdoors, especially when the sun and a beach are involved. My primary goal is to obtain a career in the healthcare field, while being an advocate for the importance of mental health.

Holly Cherniwchan

Wet lab

My name is Holly Cherniwchan and I am going into my fourth year of Biomedical Studies at UNBC. At UNBC, I have volunteered with Dr. Chow Lee, Whose research lab is investigating compounds in wild B.C. mushrooms in an attempt to discover new anti-cancer agents. In the future, I wish to pursue a career as an internist. Outside of school, I enjoy singing and songwriting with my guitar, which I have been doing since elementary school.


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