Team:Paris Bettencourt

Protein scaffolds for star-shaped antimicrobial peptides

StarCores are these novel, biologically-synhesized, star-shaped Antimicrobial Peptide (AMP). Like antibiotics, AMPs can be used to kill harmful bacteria. Since AMPs attack bacteria differently than conventional antibiotics, the resistance evolution occurs at a much slower rate.

We designed StarCores in response to the specific needs of veterinarians, farmers, and policymakers in France. Our goal was to provide a specific solution for killing Gram-negative bacteria on pig farms. Over the summer, we successfully designed, produced, tested, and optimized a novel class of bacteria-killing peptides with high activity and reduced toxicity.

The story of our project unfolds sequentially. For the best experience of our wiki, we invite you to read the sections below in order, starting with Integrated Human Practices (Human Practices I).

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Nominations for Best New Composite Part and Best Software
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