Nan Li


Yi Luo


Lab Support

Qain Chen, graduate student

For teaching us basic molecular cloning techniques, offering us meticulous advice on project and biobrick design throughout the project.

Weijie Wang, B.Eng

For teaching us basic experimental methods (e.g. OMV extraction, BCA assay, SDS-PAGE) and providing us with protocols for BCA assay and extracting OMV.

Pan Chu, graduate student

For giving us advice on biobrick design and performing experiment.

Bingzhao Zhuo, MSc

For helping us construct TorA-GFP, FadA, cjCas9, and sgRNA’s biobrick


Junyi Zeng ‘Avery’

For designing team logo, posters, and postcards.

Xinyi Jiao ’Anita’

For designing team logo, posters, and postcards.

Zhaoyu Chen

For drawing illustrative pictures.

Wiki Page

Yongpeng Fu ‘Scott’
Shanzhu Zhou ‘Anna’

Scott and Anna spent a lot of time going through the previous years’ projects wiki pages. They contributed a great effort for creating these pages

Human Practice

Dr. Zuowen Yi

For providing general information about CRC in China, including common treatment.

Yitai An, PhD

For giving us feedbacks concerning safety and improvement on our project.