After to last year’s collaboration, this year we had an even stronger collaborating relationship with SZU-iGEM team. At early stage of our project, we encountered some problems in the transformation of B.subtilis strain. SZU-iGEM had previous experience working with Bacillus species , so they set up a meeting to help us with the transformation as well as technical trouble shooting. We did manage to successfully transform our B.subtilis 168 based on their suggestions. In the later stage of protein purification step, SZU also lent a vacuum pump to us to be used in affinity chromatography.
In return, we helped them by sharing our iGEM interlab kits as they ran out some of the key materials in their experiment. By providing silica Beads and Fluorescein Sodium Salt, they were able to finish their Interlab project on time. Additionally, we helped them promoting their Mini Program by sharing the process of our team project on the program and giving them detailed feedback after using it.
Reference can be seen in the site of Collaboration site of SZU .

WITH Jiangnan_China

This year we formed a collaborating relationship with Jiangnan_China, it is whose first year participating in iGEM competition. We helped them with Wiki construction and technical supports, so that their Wiki is compatible with the required format. Furthermore, we also provided them with a supernova kill switch in a light-controlled gene system, which was an essential part to our last year’s iGEM project. In return, they suggested on a method, Ubbelohde viscometer, which we used to test the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid.
Reference can be seen in the site of collaboration site of Jiangnan_China .

WITH Tongji_China

This year we also made a collaboration with Tong_China by providing them with our supernova kill switch in a light control system and helped them build up their bio-safety system in the project. They sent us a local confectionery product, Shanghai Pear sugar, as the gift of appreciation.
Reference can be seen in the site of collaboration site of Tongji_China .


This year, we have also established a long-term cooperation with FJNU-China. Their project is to produce a rose-scented bacteriostat. We think their project is very interesting, so we helped them to test the smell of the antibacterial agent. And did some promotion.In return, they investigated the opinions of teachers and students of fujian normal university on our product hyaluronic acid micro-needle patch.
Reference can be seen in the site of collaboration site of FJNU-China .

Project Feedback

This year we attended the 1st Eurasian Meet-up and the 5th CCiC Meet-up in China. We were very grateful to teams TU Delft and Shanghai_tech for their constructive advice, especially in poster design and presentation improvement (See Judging Feedback below). Thanks for their help.


Last year, we had the first ever iGEM team from our school, and managed to complete the project successfully with the help of Dr. Chen Weizhan, who is the PI of SZU-iGEM and acted as a mentor to our team. Our team member Miyo, who participates in both last year and this year’s competitions, became an official mentor to iGEM teams via the Mentorship program (See below). As a fourth year student from information technology, Miyo shared his extensive experience in wiki construction, helped other teams solving problems and making their Wiki pages better. Since July this year, Miyo has helped a number of teams and individuals with Wiki issues, i.e. Jiangnan_China and DLUT_China_B.