Team:Tartu TUIT/Safety

Safety is a crucial part in our project design. This year our team is trying to produce MAA-s from yeast, using the genes from two different cyanobacterial species. We are expecting to have shinorine as our primary product but also hope to be able to manufacture porphyra-334.

Our lab works under Biosafety Level 1. We have a well-equipped lab space, however, we are working with the white list organisms and it is no doubt to say that our project is definitely safe for everyone since none of dangerous microorganisms are used. Prior to working in lab, all TUIT iGemers successfully completed extensive lab safety training (under the supervision of our PI) . During this training we learnt about the biosafety levels and equipment, the emergency procedures and electrical safety. We were taught from the documentation of our university’s website

These guidelines outlined specific safety concerns and the appropriate response to potential hazardous cases, allowing our team to have a deep and comprehensive understanding about common safety issues which may occur within this lab specifically. This is absolutely crucial for us to gain a basic level of knowledge about safety issues around our working area, thereby allowing us to ensure the safety of not only ourselves, but of people we are sharing the lab space with.

Here is the video about safety rules that our team made based on what we have learnt about safety from our specialists and PI.