Our iGEM experience could not have become such a success without the amazing support from the many people who helped us. Below, a full list is provided of all the people who contributed to the Utrecht iGEM team 2018.

General Support

First, we want to thank our supervisors for their support. Marianne Boes, Mike Boxem, Bas Dutilh, Seino Jongkees, and Louis Penning coached us during the whole process and contributed to all aspects of the project. The members and supervisors of the Utrecht iGEM team 2017 were always willing to answer questions and to give additional advice. We are especially grateful to Margot Koster, who participated in discussions on the strengths and weaknesses of our system, recommended several functional assays and arranged lab space during the summer break, and to Guido van der Ackerveken, for his advice on the correct use of biological databases.

Martje Ebberink from Utrecht Life Sciences supported us in many ways. She helped us with the venue for the iGEM Biotechnology Conference, she arranged a pitch workshop, she advised about the animation and funding and she helped us with multiple videos for our Social Media channels.

Kenny van Lith gave team building workshops in order to create better structure in our team.

Lab Support

The Division Developmental Biology, in particular Boxem and van den Heuvel Labs, provided assistance in many ways. We are also thankful to Joao Ramalho, Victoria Garcia, Vincent Portegijs, Amir Homavar, Molly Godfrey, Janine Anselmo Cravo, Amalia Riga and Helena Pires for their advice on experimental procedures.

Jana Kerver Stumpfova supervised lab activities and gave advice on molecular cloning and construct design.

Ria Kas supervised our laboratory

iGEM team Technion Israel 2016 kindly provided E. coli UU1250 and Tar constructs.

Shuangyu Bi from the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology in Marburg, Germany kindly provided E. coli strains VS181 and pVS88.

iGEM team Groningen 2018 kindly tested and provided the Tar constructs from the iGEM Distribution Kit.

iGEM team Eindhoven 2018 kindly tested the Tar constructs from the iGEM Distribution Kit.

Human Practices Support

Pim Klaassen, Niek Savelkoul, Jaco Westra and Korienke Smit from RIVM coached us with the integrated Human Practices and advised us which stakeholders could be useful to interview. An overview of their advice and how we applied it can be found at the Human Practices page

Technical Support Support (Wiki + Model)

Douwe Schulte advised us on responsive web design and tools to inspect elements. Furthermore, he assisted with solving a problem with image maps.

Sam Hariri explained how iGEM Utrecht 2017 composed their Wiki in order to understand certain web elements, gave advice on the lay-out of our lab notebook, and helped to fix a malfunction in the wiki lay-out.

Kirsten ten Tusscher verified the model and gave general advice on ODE models.


Erwin Leufkens helped with editing the logo and gave helpful advice on the design.

Daan Gijsman made the animation movie about our project.

Dylan White recorded the voice-over for the animation movie about our project.

Tim van Ham shot multiple videos of our team for our Social Media channels.

iGEM Biotechnology Conference

We organized our own biotechnology conference in collaboration with iGEM team Aachen. The following scientists helped us by giving a lecture regarding their expertise.

Dr. Maarten Flinkenflögel hosted our conference and introduced all the speakers.

Dr. Louis Penning, one of our supervisors, gave an introductory talk about valorisation during our iGEM Biotechnology Conference, and contributed to the organization process.

Dr. Silvia Mihaila gave a lecture about her research on a bioartificial kidney during our iGEM Biotechnology Conference.

Dr. Mauro Muraro gave a lecture about single cell sequencing during our iGEM Biotechnology Conference

Dr. Aljoscha Wahl & Dr. Karel Olavarria gave a lecture with the topic: ‘Sucrose2PHB - optimization of biobased polymer production’ during our iGEM Biotechnology Conference

Major Accomplishments

Contributions Team Members

Khadija AhmianeHuman Practices, End product, Public Relations, Public Engagement
Felix BindtHuman Practices, Funding, Methylation Assay, Receptor Assay
Meine BoerWiki, Modelling
Marjolein ten DamPublic Relations, Public Engagement
Jolijn GoversEnd product, Human Practices, Methylation assay, Team Captain
Flora de GraafPublic Engagement, Human Practices, BRET assay, Capillary Assay
Franca van HeijningenSecretary, Interlab study, Public Engagement
Lorenzo PattiradjawaneLaboratory manager, Biobrick Manager
Pim SwartFunding, End product design
Helen TsangWiki graphics, Logo design