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Presentation Schedule

The detailed presentation schedule for the Giant Jamboree is now ready for teams. Download the Schedule.

Judging Form Open

The Judging Form is now open for editing. The Judging Form Freeze is on October 12.
Learn More.

The Big Freeze

The Wiki Freeze, Registry Freeze and GitHub Freeze (optional) are all on October 17.
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Upcoming Dates

  • October 12: Judging Form Freeze More...
  • October 17: Wiki Freeze More...
  • October 17: Registry Freeze More...
  • October 17: GitHub Freeze (Software Track teams only) More...
  • October 24: Giant Jamboree Begins More...
  • October 29: After iGEM Summit More...

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The culminating event of the iGEM 2018 competition season, the Giant Jamboree offers 4 days of information sharing, project competition and celebration of team achievements in synthetic biology. Celebrate all you have achieved after the Closing Ceremony and join the party with everyone at our Social Event planned on Sunday night!

Schedule updates

The overview schedule is available now! Take a look by visiting the link below and stay tuned for the detailed schedule in the next couple of weeks.

Keynote Speakers

Ingrid Swanson Pultz, Jason Kelly and George Church will be the Keynote speakers for the last day of the Giant Jamboree. Join us during their special session to learn more about their current work and their previous experience!

After iGEM

What happens when the Jamboree is over? Find out how you can stay connected to iGEM through the different After iGEM events.


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