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With 340 teams around the world, it can seem difficult to make a connection. HQ are here to help! Find your iGEM neighbors on the team map; Advertise or find a collaboration; Meet other teams at a local meetup; Connect on social media.

Jamboree Registration Open!

Register now to attend the Giant Jamboree! Taking care of registration early means avoiding late fees and other headaches. It is also a good chance to start planning your trip to Boston. Don't forget to apply for your travel visa early if you're traveling internationally!

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Have you started working on your wiki?
Do you need help in the lab?
The Resources Hub has tons of useful tips and inspiration to help you get started! And if you have any questions, make sure to reach out to hq [at] igem [dot] org!

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It is August and more and more teams are getting together in meetups! We add to the list the (1) Eurasian Meetup, the (2) All India Meetup and the (3) European Meetup!
Wednesday, August 1




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