Cockroach carries pathogen and parasites which
are harmful. And can be commonly found in
warm damp area
So this year SZU-China iGEM team de-
signed a fungal cockroach terminator
system based on Metarhizium anisopliae
Our system consists of three parts
Want to know how we build our system?
Watch the video and learn more
We constructed an epidemic model to
estimate the efficiency of our product
and statistic model helping us get sci-
entific results of simulation experiment
To put our lab work into market as soon ,we de-
signed models which can contain our Metarhizium
anisopliae and can lure cockroaches simultaneous-
ly. It is also cheap and convenient to use for the
To figure out whether our projects are
responsible and good for the world
human practice
It helps us get much feedback and meet
more need of the social.
Finding the important to connect the public
with iGEM,we create
It a brand new app which provide timely
feedback,sense of participation&acco-
many and team promotion
All the data prove that our project is possible to realize