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About Us

The Brock iGEM Team is a group of passionate undergraduate students who are looking to experience the world of research. This interest has brought together a wide variety of disciplines that have formed a coherent team based off our shared interests in various biotechnological and molecular biological techniques to enhance our studies during our undergraduate degrees. We are currently working towards preparing a project to bring to display at the iGEM conference in 2018, that will allow us to improve ourselves for our varying interests.

Project Summary

Flip recombinase (Flippase) is an enzyme that is capable of inducing site-specific recombination. When expressed, Flippase has the ability to excise a sequence of DNA that lies between two specific recombinase cleavage sites, termed FRT sites. Flippase induces excision of the entire intervening sequence of DNA between these sites. The overall goal of our project is to engineer a light-activatable Flippase by splitting the enzyme in two portions that each carry a genetically-encoded Optogenetic tag. These Optogenetic tags will allow for light-dependent induction of the association of the two Flip recombinase fragments, resulting in the reconstitution of Flip functionality. This construct, termed Opto-Flip, will allow us to control the function of Flip-mediated recombination precisely in space and time. Successful engineering of Opto-Flip will provide a light-gated system that  can serve as a useful tool for a broad set of applications in cell biology and molecular genetics.

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