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Project description

In vivo DNA nanostructure synthesis

DNA nanostructures have been evolving fast in the past few decades and have found various new applications in biomedicine. The biocompatibility, binding-specificity and programmability of DNA nanostructures make them ideal drug carriers and intracellular imaging labels. Currently, most functional DNA nanostructures are assembled in vitro, using chemically synthesized custom oligos. More efficient mass production of functional DNA nanostructures is crucial, not only to accelerate research progress in this promising field, but also to expand the application of such versatile molecules in biomedicine. In this project, we design new therapeutic DNA nanostructures, explore the potential of mass producing them in bacteria and endeavor to establish an in vivo library of functional DNA nanostructures.

Functional DNA nanostructures

Employing the structural advantages of DNA nanostructures, we design devices for therapeutic and other biomedical applications. The functional performances of these original nanostructures are characterized in vitro and in vivo. We incorporate a variety of DNA strands dynamics into our designs, so as to test the synthetic ability of bacteria.

Bacterial nanostructure production

Our bacteria are genetically engineered to produce the DNA nanostructures we design. This way our therapeutic devices can be biologically produced in large scale. The components of all our devices are genetically stored and can be produced upon induction. Establishment of such a bacterial library allows convenient storage, production and extraction of DNA nanostructures, promoting DNA nanostructure research and application.

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