Team:Makerere University

Project description


Our project is to address the hazardous effects of poor plastic waste disposal in Africa. Plastic in Africa is majorly in the form PET modelled in the form of bottles, containers and even polythene making them one of the most commonly used house hold materials. However, after they have served their use they are disposed off most commonly by throwing them away or by burning them(combustion).
Either of these ways are not environmentally friendly since the plastic can contaminate animal feed and possibly poison them or through combustion can enhance on the known threat of global warming.This would have a great impact on the nutrition and also influence agricultural production.
With the knowledge of synthetic biology plastic waste can be degraded and even produce useful products after its degradation.

PET bottles are dumped everywhere in our communities,and the government is tirelessly working to reduce the accumulation which may hinder public health

Plastics dumped near water systems utilised by the community, which unneccesarily has become a custom that people are unbothered by the threats plastic accumulation can have on there health and livelihood.

Bwaise, Kampala. Uganda.