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1.Biotech Without Borders

We received an email from the ambassador of IGEM to North America; Minaal Zahadi, who introduced us to the IGEM team Bio Without Borders. We have had a great experience with them, exchanging knowledge and information including Questionaires about their project. We had several skype chats through which we communicated and got assistance in beating some deadlines especially those where we were naive.Thanks to this great team and we hope to meet them in Boston.

2. UMarryland IGEM 2018

After finding out that we were doing a similar project , UMarryland reached out to us to get to know how we could be of help to eachother. Through the collaboration, we have managed to do a lot especially in our labwork. They promised to test our results using their Biosensor and an Electron microscope which we are looking forward to.

3. Queens IGEM Canada

This great team participated in the competition for the Opentrons OT-2 robot and were also among the lucky 10 teams to win it.After getting to know about this, we got in touch to get to figure out how we could run the protocol. In addition to this, they helped us out in the interlab study and also getting round some of the road blocks on the wiki.

4. IGEM Tec-Monterey, Mexico

This was one of our first Team collaborations we had. We engaged in a number of skype calls and emails exchanging knowledge on how to go about with our project. Since this is our time, we wanted to utilize this opportunity to gain more information about IGEM particularly about the IGEM Jamboree. Through this collaboration we have learned a lot.