Team:Austin UTexas/Attributions


The 2018 UT Austin iGEM Team would like to thank everyone who has contributed their time and effort throughout the development of our project. The success of our work is due in large part to your assistance and continuous support.

The Principal Investigators of our team:

  • Dr. Dennis Mishler for mentoring the team, guiding the project, and providing excellent feedback and expertise.
  • Dr. Jeffrey Barrick for providing project guidance.

The following graduate students contributed to our project:

  • Julie Perreau for providing excellent guidance.
  • Kate Elston for providing S. marcescens, conjugation protocols, and excellent guidance and expertise.
  • Sean Leonard for providing DNA templates used for PCR,assistance with experimental technique and excellent guidance.

The following iGEM team members contributed to various parts of our project:

  • Alyssa Braddom for creating assembly plasmids, demonstration expected results with a chromoprotein plate, creating new plasmid parts, and writing the protocol for the BHR kit.
  • Anthony Bruccoliere for working on assemblies and organizing collaboration with Rice and Texas Tech.
  • Bibiana Toro for creating assembly plasmids, completing the interlab study, and creating the one-test tube mix.
  • Dom Borbon for gathering information regarding human practices as well as applying the one-tube plasmid mix to Mu Free Donor E. coli and attempting to conjugate BHR plasmids into S. epidermidis.
  • Emily Garcia for assisting with human practices.
  • Eleanor Young for benchwork, leading the project team, and gathering information regarding human practices.
  • Jayvin Patel for mentoring the team and providing guidance
  • Judy Xu for organizing collaboration with Rice and Texas Tech
  • Kim Ly for designing the banner and poster; improving a part and creating part plasmids and origins.
  • Lois Owolabi for designing and making several part plasmids
  • Matthew Hooper for providing guidance in project design and research.
  • Melody Keith for leading the project team, gathering information regarding human practices, making assembly plasmids and conducting experiments to transform BHR plasmids into non-model bacteria.
  • Milki Negeri for providing guidance in project design and research.
  • Prachi Khanna for designing primers for the antibiotic resistance promoters, assisting human practices, contacting professionals regarding the BHR kit, collaborating in person with other iGEM teams.
  • Roshni Sen Testing the functionality of various part plasmids in BsaI assembly
  • Ryan Bailey for the development of the shuttle vector, BHR8a03; taking portraits for team members; confirmation of the 920-926 suite of assemblies; construction of new basic part Phytobrick 8b03.
  • Sravika Kayithi for the creation of part type 3 plasmids (particularly reporter genes (CPs and FPs) and structuring assemblies with 901 and different CPs.
  • Zachary Martinez for leading the project team, providing guidance and designing the Wiki

The following institutions graciously met up and collaborated with our team:

  • Texas Tech University
  • Rice University
  • LASA High School

The following people and institutions aided us by giving thoughtful and constructive input throughout our exploration of Human Practices:

  • Dr. Alan Lloyd
  • Dr. Bryan Davies: Also provided strains of Staphylococcus epidermidis
  • Dr. Shelley Payne
  • Dr.Brian Renda of Gingko Bioworks
  • Prophase BioStudios

We would like to give special thanks to our generous donors:

  • Beacon
  • GoFundMe
  • The Freshmen Research Initiative at UT Austin
  • The Department of Molecular Biosciences at UT Austin