Team:Austin UTexas/Safety


We pride ourselves in lab on professionalism and safety. Through stringent discipline and communication, we accomplish a high grade of cleanliness and safety not seen in many other labs. This is especially impressive due to the relatively low threat posed by our organisms. Escherichia coli forms the backbone of our research. E. coli and its sub-strains are classified as Risk Group 1 (low risk) according to the DSMZ, a collection microorganism and cell cultures run by Leibniz-Institute. E. coli were obtained from the Barrick Lab who ordered them from the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC).

Of the many safety protocols we abide by, the most important are those regarding lab attire. When in the lab, researchers are required to wear latex gloves, protective eyewear, lab coats, and long pants. All students were versed in the campus’s fire training. The locations of safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, eye wash stations, and various disposal stations were common knowledge in the lab. Consumption of food and beverages was strictly forbidden in the lab space. To aid in our research as well as to preserve order, all reagent containers, test tubes, and appliances were labeled properly and with thoroughness. By the completion of our safety training, our lab became an exemplar of hygiene and safety.