Team:CCA-San Diego/Attributions


All work (including research, writing, wiki/poster design, images, and diagrams) was done by the students of Team CCA-San_Diego unless stated otherwise. Research was completed at the Canyon Crest Academy QUEST Lab, under the guidance of our teachers and advisors.



We would like to thank the following individuals for their help in many ways.
  • Mrs. Kristin Sevilla & Ms. Erinn Eddingfield
  • CCA Administration
  • Family and friends of CCA iGEM, especially the following people
    • Christie Minarik
    • Mason Holmes
    • Ravi Gopinathan


  • Mr. Robert Ramírez García, who through the iGEM mentorship program continuously helped with troubleshooting and guiding the team through project plan, laboratory work, outreach endeavors, bioreactor design in order to best meet iGEM guidelines. His constant support and encouragement throughout the process was beyond valuable.
  • Dr. Isaac Mehl, who so generously lent us equipment for the Interlab study and our project. These machines included PCR machines & Fluorescence and Absorbance Plate Readers.
  • Mr. Ariel Haas, our PI, for letting us use the QUEST lab and his classroom, lending us supplies, and his patience with us over the course of the project.

Human Practices

  • Mrs. Joanne Couvrette—for all the help in rooting the CCA iGEM community and advertising of the camp we ran
  • Mrs. Deborah Balch, Mrs. Erinn Eddingfield, Mr. Mercer Barrows, and Mr. Ed Gerstin—for volunteering their free time during summer vacation to supervise our camp.


Mrs. Joanne Couvrette, Gina Mahmood & the rest of the CCA Foundation for helping to process funds in order to run the camp and also for their help in making the purchasing of supplies smooth


Special thanks to the Pogliano Labs at UCSD and the Gao Lab for donating necessary kits and reagents to the team on short notice. We are so grateful for their help.


  • TPHS San Diego for contributing to our iGEM High School Video series.
  • The EureCAS for adding their eco-friendly tips to our booklet.
  • USP-EEL-Brazil 2018 for creating a video for our “Outreach How To” Videos
Canyon Crest Academy is a public high school in sunny San Diego, California with a student body of about 3000. We are fortunate enough to have many STEM courses at our school, including AP science classes and even research-immersive classes.
QUEST Lab- our research is conducted in the QUEST research lab that is used primarily for a project-based course. Using the accumulation of donated supplies from local universities and years of other students we were able to conduct our experiments. There is a limited range of resources though therefore.
  • When did you start your brainstorming? December 2017
  • When did you start in the lab? July 2018
  • When did you start working on your project? January 2018