Team:CCA-San Diego/Interlab

CCA InterLab 2018

We participated in the Interlab. This included creating standard curves for the fluorescent and absorbance readings which required us to reach out to a local supplier and biohacker. From this, we performed absorbance and flourescence readings overtime of the different plasmids provided by the iGEM Measurements team. Prior to this, we needed to The Interlab study was a useful opportunity for us to practice our lab techniques further and train our Lab team. Additionally, it put us in contact with a wonderful mentor and necessary resources for project completion. The Interlab study is very important for understanding better and creating standardization among the iGEM community thus we were very happy to have been able to participate.

Figure 1: Absorbance measurement of LUDOX 100% and H2O and correction factor table.

Replicate Ludox CL-X H20
Replicate 1 0.103 0.040
Replicate 1 0.108 0.040
Replicate 2 0.107 0.040
Replicate 3 0.119 0.040
Arith. Mean 0.109
Corrected Abs600 0.069
Reference OD600 0.063
OD600/Abs600 0.910