Team:HK HCY LFC/Collaborations



Collaboration with the University of Hong Kong

As a high school team, we do not have much experience on synthetic biology, so we are honored to invite 2018 HKU iGEM members to be our advisors. They share their precious experience on synthetic biology, mentoring our team throughout the project.

Before we decided the title and objective of our project, HKU advisors taught us some basic knowledge of nanotechnology and introduced G-quadruplex. They also introduced a software called Tiamat from Yan Lab Resources, which can be used for designing our own DNA nanostructure.

HKU advisors also assisted us a lot in the InterLab study. Through our project, HKU advisors provided constructive comment on the design of the experiments and data analysis of the experimental results.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude for all their help.