Team:Imperial College/Brainstorming


For Future iGEMers

These are the ideas we had during brainstorming session, if you are inspired by the ideas we had, please feel free to use and be creative.
  • Utilising CRISPR arrays in a cell free system for a modular viral biosensor.
  • Bacterial quantum dot synthesis for solar cells.
  • Using denitrification pathways for recovery of nitrified water.
  • Engineering organisms to degrade compounds from munitions.
  • A gene drive for corals introducing adaptations to ocean acidification.
  • A phage based kill switch.
Food & Nutrition
  • Engineering lactococcus for nutrient enriched cheese.
Foundational Advance
  • A fast RNA oscillator based on the repressilator using dCas9 and aptazymes.
  • Creating a standardised logic gate architecture in mammalian cells.
  • Using conjugation and fluorescent aptamers to give live in vivo readouts of data stored in DNA.
  • Engineering heterocyst-like patterning in minD mutants.
  • Using inteins to anchor proteins to the cell membrane.
  • A 4-output dCas9 based toggle switch.
Information Processing
  • A bacterial organ formed of different cultures seperated by permeable membranes that signalling molecules can pass between.
  • Modelling the Suckers, Cheats and Grudgers evolutionary stable strategy in an E. coli co-culture.
  • Remediation of molecules using dead mini-cells.
  • Biomining of metals by oxidising them to cause precipitation.
  • Forming bacterial chains by localising adhesive proteins to the poles in order to produce strong biomaterials.
  • Crosslinking enzymes biomaterials produced in vivo to generate catalytic biofilms.
  • Producing camouflage dyes with reflectin proteins.
New Application
  • Bacterial tattoo removal using enzymes that can degrade azo-dyes.
  • Linking chemotaxis to optogenetics in bacteria that synthesise drugs so they can be directed to a tumour.