Team:KCL UK/Acknowledgements




Dr. Anatoliy Markiv

A special thank you to our supervisor Anatoliy, guiding our team in all aspects of our project, in particular the long days spent in the lab. Anatoliy is the Director of Distance Learning for the faculty of Life Sciences at King’s College London. Without him KCL_UK iGEM 2018 would not have been possible.

Dr. Alison Snape

A big thank you to Alison who together with Anatoliy led the first KCL iGEM Team. Alison is a Reader in the department of Bioscience Education at King’s College London. She played an integral role in starting up the team and providing valuable help and guidance throughout the project.

Charlotte Dawkins Consulting Ltd.

Thank you to Charlotte Dawkins Consulting Ltd. for their financial contribution to support our iGEM project. A communications and public affairs professional with over fifteen years experience. Skilled in developing and implementing communications strategies, stakeholder relationship management, internal communications, producing policy briefings, media handling, speechwriting, strategically advising senior audiences. Possesses an excellent understanding of the routes to influence in Westminster and Whitehall.



Thank you to SnapGene for giving us licenses to operate their software. This has helped us in looking at our DNA sequences and visualising our plasmids throughout our project. SnapGene is an excellent platform to analyze and work with DNA cloning and PCR. It allows you to easily design primers. It is also provides a free trial, tutorial videos and their own server.



Asana is a great collaboration tool to enable large and complex works to remain efficient. We personally found their service helpful in setting and tracking the progress of tasks to team subsections or individuals. This was essential as we were able to ensure everything was on track before our deadlines.


Sir Robert Lechler, KCL

Many thanks to Sir Robert Lechler who has pledged to fund part of our travel expenses to Boston. He has been a Professor of Immunology at King’s since 2004 and is currently the Vice Principal (Health) and Executive Director of King’s Health Partners Academic Health Sciences Centre. We are grateful for his enthusiasm in supporting the first KCL iGEM team.


Doulix is a free software which enables anyone to design a synthetic biology construct. Using a large variety of base components, they can assemble the construct using an array of assembling technology.

Professor Ian McFadzean

A huge thank you to Professor Ian McFadzean for providing our funds to kick-start our iGEM project and help cover the team registration fee. Ian is currently Dean of Bioscience Education at King’s College London and has been lecturing in Pharmacology at King’s since 1990.

New England Biolabs

A big thank you to New England Biolabs for proving our lab team with enzymes and other reagents such as buffers to carry out our iGEM experimental protocols. NEB produce and supply enzyme reagents for life science research as well as for synthetic biology purposes and NGS.


Thank you to Eppendorf that kindly donated 10 ul, 100 ul and 100 ul pipettes along with pipette tips. We used them throughout the summer from completion of the InterLab study to the assembly of our sRNA scaffolds. They support a broad range of companies such as pharmaceutical and biotech by producing devices necessary for the laboratory.


Many thanks to Promega for kindly supplying our team with lab enzymes and reagents, to build our sRNA scaffolds! Promega are a worldwide manufacturer of enzymes and other biotechnology and molecular biology products.

Others Who Have Kindly Helped

Priscilla Yu
Priscilla is a first year graphic design student at Chelsea College of Arts who helped with the background and title art for the wiki.
Kevin Coward
Kevin, an absolute legend, is a graphic designer and created our team logo. Thank you Kevin!