Team:KCL UK/Attributions




Public Engagement and Marketing

Lux Step
Lux has worked incredibly hard on our digital and social media. Any of the photos you see have been taken by them! They have also done research on UK team funding and communications, and UK supermarket antibiotic policy.
Maya Biswas-Whittaker
Maya has been focused on producing materials for educational visits, meet-ups and conferences, and the website- as well as organising collaborations with other teams. She also designed our banner for the giant jamboree!
Desiree McCann
Desiree has done so much for our team! As well as influencing the theme of our lab project, and coming up with our slogan, she has organised workshops and fundraising, and designed our fundraising materials!
Ella Boothman
Ella has been busy contacting anyone and everyone you can think of through running social media, translating fundraising materials for different companies and organising events.
Katarzyna Plesniar
Kat has been there from the start, recruiting and interviewing members. She’s helped with sponsorship and event organisation, as well as producing our brochure for Kings’ 2029 Vision.
João Guilherme
João is our resident adventurer, who headed off to Kenya this summer and taught the basics of synthetic biology to the children he was working with.

Technology and Wiki Development

Ajay Dulai
Ajay has produced this wiki. There is so much the rest of the team doesn’t understand about what he does- so we just step back and watch the magic happen.
Max Grogan
Max is another tech wizard. He’s helped develop and debug the wiki with Ajay, and has done the computational modelling of the sRNA-GFP gene system. Sounds lit.

Lab Team

Maria-Jose Ramos
Majo has been in the lab day in day out, working on the InterLab study and assembly of our biobricks. She has also contributed to the documentation of all of the work the lab team has done.
Deeksha Raju
Deeksha has been knee-deep in papers, looking at literature research before the project, form-filling for the interlab study and keeping the notebook up to date.
Anthony Chau
Anthony is another original team member and general all-rounder, conducting interviews and setting up social media pages. He’s secured sponsors and worked hard in the lab all summer.
Shubhankar Sinha
Shubh has not only been working in the lab, but also working hard on spreading awareness about our team and our project, conducting interviews with doctors and scientists.
Josephine Eum
Jo has used her expertise from working in science education to help produce materials for educational visits, and draft the abstract and project description for the lab work she’s been focused on.
Vivian Chu
Viv has made sure that all the hard work she and the others are doing in the lab has not gone unnoticed on social media and has helped devise a lot of material for different presentations.


Marcos Vega-Hazas Marti
Marcos was the initiator who bought iGEM to Kings’. Since November, he has been organising programme promotions, fundraisers and sponsorship events to get people hype about iGEM.