Team:Linkoping Sweden/Attributions



The people and companies mentioned below have, in different ways, been able to provide help for the LiU iGEM team 2018 in our work during this year’s project. A special thank you for all the help and support with making this project possible.

  • Professor Per Hammarström and Associate Professor Lars-Göran Mårtensson , our Principal Investigators, have supported the team with great knowledge, troubleshooting and advice when it comes to laboratory work and administration work.
  • Linköping University of Technology for registration fee, equipment, laboratory and other facilities.
  • The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Linköpings University for providing with financial support.
  • The Department of Physics, Chemistry and Biology (IFM) at Linköping University for materials, equipment and facilities.
  • Creactive Mjärdevi for letting us use their equipment for our podcast.
  • FoldEco and its creators for providing the open source Wolfram Mathematica code that has been used to create a MATLAB version for modeling.
  • Engineers Without Borders Sweden for inviting us to their campus tour for secondary school students.
  • Cecilia Andrésen for teaching us the safety around liquid nitrogen.
  • David Bergström for helping us with the programming of the wiki.
  • Marie Berlin for helping us with the survey for Integrated Human Practices.
  • Jacob Genander for helping optimize our model.
  • Patrik Lundström for giving us the opportunity to work with the "Summer Week" and helping us when unexpected malfunctions happened.
  • Sofie Nyström for showing us how some of the equipment worked.