Team:Linkoping Sweden/Collaboration



We collaborated with several other iGEM teams, this helped us improve our project. Our collaborations can be divided into human practice and wet lab collaborations. They range from podcasts, the Düsselorf postcard collaboration, and our own dear diary, to a wet-lab collaboration with iGEM Lund.

Wet-lab Collaborations

Collaboration with iGEM Lund

Since we are both working on protein production in E.coli we started a collaboration with iGEM Lund. During this collaboration we exchanged biobricks in order to verify them. We also tested any interaction between our plasmid BBa_K2671337 (GroES) and their BBa_K2602021 (VHb-GFP) plasmid.

Human Practice Collaborations

Podcast - a Collaboration with iGEM Chalmers

Following the Nordic iGEM Conference in Lund we started a collaboration with the team from Chalmers University. During the summer, a representative from iGEM Chalmers visited us and recorded an episode for our podcast "Attempting Science" with us. In the episode we talked about their project and problems that have been faced during the course of the iGEM competition.

Postcard Collaboration with iGEM Team Düsseldorf

We collaborated with iGEM Düsseldorf on their postcard collaboration as a part of our human practice. This is a worldwide collaboration where different iGEM teams design their own postcards. These are then distributed to the participating teams with the help of iGEM team Düsseldorf. Namely, to raise public awareness about the field of Synthetic Biology. We then distributed the cards we recieved to students and to the public during events hosted by us.

Dear Diary

In order for us to get a better connection to some of the other iGEM teams we decided to start a diary collaboration. We asked teams to write texts on what they did in- and outside of the lab during summer, and take pictures. We then compiled these stories into a document that was published here and on our facebook. The teams that took part were: Dalhousie iGEM (Canada), team AHUT China (China), iGEM NYU Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), and LiU iGEM (Sweden).

Going to Meetups

Nordic iGEM Conference in Lund

LiU iGEM took part of the Nordic iGEM Conference hosted by iGEM Lund. The participating teams got to take part of lectures and a mini-jamboree, where we got to practice presenting our project and give each other feedback. The participating teams were: iGEM Lund (Sweden), iGEM Copenhagen (Denmark), iGEM Chalmers (Sweden), iGEM Stockholm (Sweden), Aalto-Helsinki (Finland), UiOslo (Norway), Uppsala (Sweden), DTU-Denmark (Denmark) and LiU iGEM (Sweden).

Biobrick Tutorial at DTU

LiU iGEM also took part in the Biobrick tutorial at the Danish Technical University (DTU), organized by DTU Biobuilders. This was a weekend where all participating teams got to meet other iGEM-teams, take part in workshops where we learnt how to pitch a project, go on lectures and try making an biobrick in teams of 2-3 students, that were randomly put together from the different iGEM-teams. We also had the chance of meeting hq-Abigail and one of the judges and ask them questions. The participating teams were: iGEM Lund (Sweden), iGEM Chalmers (Sweden), iGEM Stockholm (Sweden), Uppsala (Sweden), LiU iGEM (Sweden), iGEM Copenhagen (Denmark), DTU-Denmark (Denmark) and UiOslo (Norway).