Team:Missouri Rolla/Attributions

Attributions and Thanks


Advising Professors Dr. Westenberg, Dr. Shannon, and Dr. Taylor

Many thanks to Dr. David Westenberg, Dr. Katie Shannon, and Dr. Patrick Taylor for their advice on the feasibility of our project and their technical support.

Robbie Doerhoff, Pete Smith, Professor Eric North, Robert Venette and Bayer Scientists

Many thanks to Ms. Doerhoff, Mr. Smith, and Professor North for the time sharing their knowledge about Ash trees and the Emerald Ash Borer. Thank you to Robert Venette for sending us EABs for sciencing. Many thanks to Christi Taylor, Fred Moshiri, Dave Bowen, Anita Thompson, Bill Moar, and Karen Gabbert for donating over two hours of their time to discuss the current state of our project, advice on ways to improve or accentuate our project, as well as a great deal of information and advice on possible future work on our project. Special recognition to Larry Gilbertson, who organized the panel meeting as well as participated in it.

Jen Coleman, Alex Go, and Our Fantastic Web Committee

Many thanks to Jen Coleman, Alex Go, and our fantastic Web Committee for helping us put together our bomb-ash wiki.


Our lab received generous financial support from the Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, and the College of Arts, Science, and Business at Missouri S&T, Intact Genomics, and the late Monsanto(RIP: 1901-2018). Thank you to BioBasic for the 2018 iGEM package and IDT for the complementary DNA synthesis.


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