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PI & Instructor: Xi Chen, Qipeng Zhang, Yu Zhou
Team leader: Chenxi Liang
Team member: Shuyi Chen, Chenguang Guan, Shujian Hu, Yifan Li, Kehuan Lin, Yutong Pan, Yiming Quan, Han Wang, Xueyao Wang, Yishu Yin

Leading the team

Chenxi Liang founded the team and took charge of the recruitment. Yu Zhou allocated our assignments based on everyone’s skills and interests, and Chenxi Liang made the plan for the whole project.


Xueyao Wang, Yifan Li, Yiming Quan and Han Wang carried out the experiment with the help of our PI Professor Qipeng Zhang.


Yutong Pan and Shujian Hu worked on the establishment of the website. Besides, the art design was made by Han Wang and Xueyao Wang. Everyone made contributions to web copy-writing.


Shuyi Chen and Yishu Yin were responsible for the texts in the poster, while Xueyao Wang and Han Wang designed the poster.

Human Practice

Kehuan Lin and Yifan Li made the plan of our human practices. And all of us were fully engaged in the activities.


Shuyi Chen, Yishu Yin and Yiming Quan prepared the presentation to show our project to the audience in both Giant Jamboree and CCiC.


Chenguang Guan was responsible for the model. He built precise and realistic models with his amazing mathematics skills.


As an experienced member of iGEM, Yu Zhou gave us a number of precious advice about detailed instructions and inspiring ideas.


Thank Prof. Xi Chen for his unwavering support who helped the revision of the idea. He provided us with experimental instruments and equipment. Also, Prof. Qipeng Zhang gave us detailed, patient guidance and instructions of our experiment.