We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the persons who helped us.

Asst. Prof. Tan Meng How

Prof Tan Meng How has been closely guiding us in our iGEM journey. He hosts regular meetings for us to communicate our thoughts and ideas and keeps us in check.

Pornchai Kaewsapsak

Chai has guided us in our Nanopore project and he has always been joyful and patient. He has taught us a lot from lab techniques to good research practice.

Yuanming, Wang

Yuan Ming is our mentor for our REPAIR project. He is always there for us to clear our doubts and give us a helping hand. He also has taught us a lot in research.

Louis, Kok Eng Piew

Louis is the bioinformatician in our laboratory. For our Nanopore project, he helped us to analyse data and train the machine learning model for base-calling.

Ivy, Liu Kaiwen

Ivy has been training and guiding us since the first day we entered the lab. She is always helpful and approachable. She helped us a lot in many projects.

Norfala-Aliah binte Sutrisnoh

Fala also started training us and teaching us since the first day of our lab work. She is also the mentor of our DNA base editor project. Our journey will be much more difficult without her help. 

Kean Hean, Ooi

Kean Hean has been a great advisor for our iGEM project. He always tries his best to give us tips and share with us his iGEM experience. He guided us to avoid a lot pitfalls and gave us great support.


Here is a summary of our contributions to the project.

Albert Praditya

Albert is the leader for Nanopore project. He also participated in experiments in the DNA base editor project. He is also part of the InterLab measurement team.

Angelysia Cardilla

Angelysia is the leader for Nanopore project and participated in the DNA base editor project. She is also in charge of collaboration with Team UI-Indonesia and human practice.

Danny Teo

Danny is also the leader for the DNA base editor project. He is also in charge of our collaboration with MacQuarie University and prepared for the submission of all of our parts.

Hao, Liu

Liu Hao is the leader of the REPAIR project and the iGEM team. He is also in charge of constructing the Wiki page.

Kar Ming, Shaw

Kar Ming is the leader of the InterLab measurement and the Base Pair Change project. He also helped in our collaboration with NUSGEM

Zirong, Yi

Zirong is the leader of the REPAIR project and the leader for our human practice. He conducted the social studies and the cross-country survey.


We would like to thank the following groups and institutions for being part of our iGEM journey.

UI Indonesia

We collaborated with Team UI-Indonesia to help out our human practice.

Macquarie Australia

We collaborated with Team Macquarie Australia to measure binding affinity of our improved parts.

NUS Singapore A

We collaborated with Team NUS-Singapore-A to validate our ABE constructs.

School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NTU

Our school provided us with the necessary financial support to participate in this competition.

Genome Institute Singapore

GIS (A*Star) provided us with essential laboratory equipments and a safe, comfortable working environment.

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT)

IDT provided us with 20 kb of free custom DNA.