Team:NYU Abu Dhabi/Science Sketch

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Science Sketch Collaboration

We have initiated a collaboration request to ALL iGEM teams. We invite them to join us in showcasing the wonderment of iGEM and synthetic biology by creating a science sketch of their team’s project or any major techniques/principles that their project is using.

Through the series of 1-3-minute sketches, we hope to promote public awareness of the iGEM competition as well as to show how synthetic biology can be utilized to solve problems facing mankind in an innovative manner!

The aim of the science sketches is to make a collaborative educational playlist with videos from teams all over the world, about their projects and/or the scientific principle behind their project. This playlist will be made public, so that any iGEM team can use it in their outreach activities, thus enabling all teams to spread the knowledge of synthetic biology to their communities.

We have also created a detailed description of how to make a science sketch to help other teams in creating their science sketches.

Several iGEM teams have participated in our science sketch collaboration, including Team REC Chennai, Team ICT-Mumbai from India, Team CPU from China, and Team Uppsala from Sweden.



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