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IDT: Integrated DNA Technologies

IDT is a leader in development and manufacturing of products for research and diagnostic life science markets. The world’s largest supplier of custom nucleic acids, IDT serves academic research, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical development communities with products that support applications including: next generation sequencing (NGS), gene amplification, SNP detection, expression profiling, gene quantification, and synthetic biology. Platform-independent NGS products (xGen® Lockdown®Probes for improved target capture, custom adaptors, fusion primers, Molecular Identifier tags—MIDs) are available in addition to DNA and RNA oligonucleotides, qPCR assays, siRNA duplexes, gBlocks® Gene Fragments for gene construction, and custom gene synthesis read more...

Sponsorship: IDT provided us with 20 kb of custom DNA as gBlocks® Gene Fragments and Alt-R® CRISPR Genome Editing products.

Promega Corporation

Promega provides innovative and technical support to researchers, technicians, and analysts in life sciences, industry and government. We offer 3,500 products to enable scientists worldwide to advance knowledge in the fields of genomics, proteomics, cellular analysis, molecular diagnostics, human identification and applied biotechnology read more...

Sponsorship: We were one of the ten teams selected as the winners of the 2018 Promega iGEM Award. In addition to the award of $2,000 in free Promega products, we received technical, product, and customer support from Promega.

On the Promega website, we are featured here


MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists read more...

Sponsorship: MathWorks provided us with complimentary software and technical support.​ ​The complimentary software kit is designed specifically to cater to the needs of iGEM teams with the following 13 products:


- SimBiology

- Simulink

- Curve Fitting Toolbox

- Symbolic Math Toolbox

- Optimization Toolbox

- Neural Network Toolbox

- Global Optimization Toolbox

- Bioinformatics Toolbox

- Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox

- Partial Differential Equation Toolbox

- Image Processing Toolbox

- Computer Vision Toolbox


SnapGene offers the fastest and easiest way to plan, visualize, and document molecular biology procedures. SnapGene is the first molecular biology software that is easier to use than pen and paper. Thanks to SnapGene, every DNA construct made in the lab can be documented in a rich electronic format… and thanks to the free SnapGene Viewer, the files can be shared with colleagues around the world read more...

Sponsorship: We received 12 license keys for the SnapGene software


“A powerful and comprehensive suite of molecular biology and NGS analysis tools.”

First released in 2005, Geneious is one the world’s leading bioinformatics software platforms, used by over 4,000 universities and institutes and commercial companies in 125 countries. Geneious is used by all 20 of the top 20 universities globally (Times Higher Education, 2016) and by 16 of the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies read more...

Sponsorship: We received 6 license keys for the Geneious software.


Appslink Consulting is an Oracle Platinum Partner. As one of Oracle earliest partners, their clients benefit from having greater access to the assets & brains of Oracle, preferred buying relationships, upfront access to the development teams, and countless other advantages that a massive partnership brings. Their rich experience spans implementation, upgrade, rollout, application maintenance and support, as well as integration and consulting services. They combine technical and industry leading practices to deliver successful business solutions and enable their clients to maximize returns on their investments read more...

Sponsorship: We recieved business consulting from Appslink and review of our business plan.

Jena Bioscience

Established in 1998 by a team of scientists from the Max-Planck-Institute of Molecular Physiology (Dortmund), Jena Bioscience utilizes more than 25 years of academic know-how to develop innovative reagents for clients from both research and industry in 100+ countries read more...

Sponsorship: Jena Bioscience provided us with Restriction Enzymes, Modifying Enzymes, DNA/RNA Preparation Kit, and DNA Cleanup Kit.



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