Team:NYU Abu Dhabi/Medal Requirements

Medal Requirements

Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance Registered for iGEM, had a great iGEM season, and will be attending the Giant Jamboree.
Competition Deliverables Completed the following Competition Deliverables: iGEM NYUAD Wiki, Poster, Presentation, Judging Form.
Attributions Documented our attributions page, where we described how other individuals and departments helped our project (Read more).
Characterization / Contribution Successfully completed the InterLab Measurement Study. We have met all requirements of the study, including acceptance of data (Read more).

Validated Part / Validated Contribution Created, documented, and submitted 36 (4 genes + 32 primers) new BioBrick Parts to the Registry, following all of the DNA submission requirements and shipping guidelines (Read more).
Collaboration Organized the Science Sketch Collaboration, participated by teams REC Chennai, CPU China, Uppsala, TEC-Chihuahua, and ICT_Mumbai (Read more).
Organized the Virtual Conference, participated by teams HKUST, REC Chennai, VIT Vellore, Saint Joseph Istanbul, and iGEM Macquarie. Organized the Wiki Workshop (Read more).
Mentored team VIT Vellore and helped them with their wiki and InterLab.
Collaborated with Team Linkoping Sweden in their Dear Diary initiative (Read more).
Collaborated with IlT-Madras in their Language Project Initiative and created several synthetic biology educational videos in various languages including Mandarin, Korean, Arabic, and Bosnian (Read more).
Human Practices Organized Human Practices programmes in Australia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Lebanon, and Mexico (Read more).
Organized Youth Debates, attended by experts including Her Excellency Mariam Al Mehairi, Minister of State for Food Security of the UAE as the panel of judges (Read more).
Helped organize STEM out of the Box (Read more).
Organized High School Workshops (Read more).
Utilized Social Media (Read more).

Integrated Human Practices Integrated the investigated issues into the purpose, design, and execution of the product. Documented how our project has changed based upon our human practices work (Read more).
Improve a Previous Part or Project Our improved parts can be accessed here.
Model Your Project We have created a mathematical model that can be viewed here.
Demonstration of Your Work A demonstration of our project can be accessed here.



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