Team:SDSZ China/bi

iGem SDSZ_China 2018

Background information


A mechanism or an innovative invention or Bio part in genetic engineering would never become useful if there is not a useful application in the real world. And the best way to carry out a plan is through a machine. Our goal, the reduction of the severity of danger and the labor demanding throughout the process of production of Chitosan, would be perfectly carried out through the invention of a fully the automatic machine that can optimally utilize all the materials provided and the further reduction of loss throughout the whole process. Given so, it is the reason why we decide to carry out a machine.


Throughout our team’s visit to Xian, we are able to visit a highly advanced pharmaceutical company that provided us with abundance academic training and also provided us with the basic foundation of machine building. We were able to travel to a different location of the factory and learn about the ways that existed for the better promotion of efficiency. Formal history Our team captain Jeff, a formal member of SDSZ-China( team for last year), visited the Tianjin pharmaceutical company last year during mid-July and he was in last year’s team. Last year team project is about finding the substitute of bear bile, a medicine that targeted people with diabetes and was livelily extracted from bears. The last year team recognized this issue but was unsuccessful in designing this year’s machine. However, Jeff and the last year team work extensively after the ending of iGEM 2017 and they were able to shadow scholars in the factories about the designing of a machine, They knew a lot. Jeff is able to spread the knowledge we knew from the factory visit and put it into application in this year’s team. For example, in most factory, they progressively opened up the volume of the container being tested, eventually reaching one ton. We are able to replicate the process in a setting similar to the real world machine. To begin with, we started with testing the entire procedure under a normal setting of the lab. We successfully proved that the transformation works. And progressively we tested this in a larger setting. Wich is in a larger container. Now we successfully proved that we will be able to do that and we are moving on to the next level. We arranged another test with the company and we will test it and present our final work at the Great Jamboree. We will also bring a real model to demonstrate each procedure and 3D-print the key step for judges to review at the Giant Jamboree.