Team:SDSZ China/kuku

iGem SDSZ_China 2018

Collaboration overview

a) Chinese high school team wechat group owner
Our team captain organized a group chat that include nearly everyone high school team captain from China. We not only actively help other teams, but also help forward ideas and important information to other teams. We are trying to built a iGEM high school environment that allows us to bond even after this year iGEM and we can celebrate and share ideas as iGEMer.
b) Communication with RDFZ
RDFZ is another reputable high school in Beijing, and we have collaborated with them. What we did for them
We invited them to our laboratory and talked about our experimental design. We shared our experience on iGEM with them, since our school has participated in this competition for years. We shared our understanding of synthetic biology and current biological issues.
Jianhan(Jeff), as a two-year iGEMer, actively shared his experience with RDFZ captain at the beginning of this year's iGEM. They meet up in February to discuss how to efficiently start iGEM and shared numerous ideas while Jianhan visited their campus. During the meetup in October, we actively helped them host the meetup and are able to share his ideas on lab safety on a panel with RDFZ team's captain and other professionals.
What they did for us
We were invited to RDFZ’s bio-lab. They gave us a presentation with Jeff about their experiment design. Specifically, their calculations of specific growth rate inspired us to promote our model.
c) Help organize China High school meet up, went to Eurasian meet up in Shenzhen