Team:SHSBNU China/Team



I. Members

Shao, Xuze - Captain and Prime art designer

Xuze Shao, from SHSBNU, grade 11. Prime artistic designer of team SHSBNU_China. Xuze has a good sense of doing science research, though not being a biology-focused student. This future architect is here to prove he also has the ability of critical thinking and scientific research. He and Yuanhong designed the team posters and T-shirts. Thought he has some small weaknesses like he is careless sometimes, but he believes that he can overcome these problems in the contest and proof himself. He also hopes that his effort on them SHSBNU_China can help the whole team win a gold price.

Zhang, Chen - Vice Captain, Modelling Researcher, and Programmer

Chen Zhang, from grade 12. As the captain of our 2017 iGEM team, he is the only team member who have experienced iGEM before. Chen decided to offer help in this year in experiment, modeling, wiki, and Jamboree. Also, he decided to manage tasks to other people to make sure that we are on the right way and right time. After iGEM of last year, he read a lot of books that spread from Mathematical modeling, HTML & CSS, to linear algebra and Statistics. These studying experience can let him offer better help to the team.

Li, Chenyu - President of Synthetic Biology club

Chenyu Li, from SHSBNU grade 11. He is a student that who fonds of biology and Psychology. He is the president of synthetic biology club in SHSBNU. In junior high school, he got interested in biology was because of an experiment of tissue culture. Running into synthetic biology field is an unexpected opportunity for him. In high school, he is learning SAT Biology, AP Biology and AP Psychology course. His dream is to become a psychiatrist or genetic consultant. In his spare time, he loves reading biology journals, watching documentaries related to biology and speaking Klingon language.

Zhou, Yanjun - Laboratory Researcher

Yanjun Zhou, from SHSBNU grade 11. Biology became her preferred major since she was in middle school, and now the opportunity comes. What is beyond her imagination is that she can compete with teams from around the world via doing biology experiments. It is definitely a challenge to her as this is the first time she worked in an iGEM team However, she appreciates the chance to learn not only genetic biology more deeply but also the importance of collaboration. Outside the competition, she holds several positions in the school activities, such as the propaganda minister of the coffee shop, the reporter of the newspaper, the member of the student union and so on. In a nut shell, she is looking forward to taking part in iGEM and she believe that all her efforts will pay off!

Li, Haocong - Laboratory Researcher

Haocong Li, from SHSBNU grade 11. The reason why he is interested in researching biology programs is that he admires the power of nature. He also wants to make the world a better place. Additionally, he is also a loyal aviation fan, especially the field of commercial airplanes. During spare time, he often goes to the local airport to take pictures of airplanes. Seeing the plane landing and the hearing the sound of the turbine engines, makes sense of the dream coming true.

Xie, Zhiran - Human Practice Researcher

Zhiran Xie, from SHSBNU, grade 11. As a member of the team, he participates in the lab work, the math modeling, and the human practice. He is one of the three leaders of Synthetic biology club, which groups different people who have different hobbies together, not only students who want to major in biology, but also who are willing to challenge themselves and try their best in different areas. He has lots of interests, and he is ready to help others.” Try you best no matter what you need to deal with, try something new whatever the times of failure you have to face. " he believed it.

Yuan, Yijia - Laboratory Researcher

Yijia Yuan, from SHSBNU grade 11. She is interested in Biology. Whatever how busy she is, she keeps studying Biology as a hobby. Also, she is interested in human health care and medicine due to her family back ground. Last summer vacation, she spent 2 weeks to learn relevant classes in UCLA. There will be no surprise that her ideal job is doctor. Moreover, she has other hobbies including traveling, drawing, and watching movies.

Hu, Wenrui - Laboratory Researcher

Wenrui Hu, from SHSBNU, grade 11. She has a very deep interest in biology, especially bio-engineering and has make this as a college major option, which is the main reason she decided to join SHSBNU_China. She is particularly interested in biology experiments. She is excited with every chance doing an iGEM experiment, and always makes her best designing and doing it. This is her first time attending iGEM, she wishes her team could constantly strive toward the Gold medal.

Luo, Fangning - Laboratory Researcher

Fangning Luo, from SHSBNU grade 11. She is interested in various activities such as playing piano and painting. Among all the activities she enjoys, having experiment relating to biotic engineering is the most meaningful one because it gives her chances to cooperate with others to do research and finish a project. Listening to light music and watching anime are also her hobbies.

Zhang, Tieqiong - Laboratory Researcher and Modelling Researcher

Tieqiong Zhang, from SHSBNU, grade 11. Being a freshman on genetic engineering, he spared no efforts to absorb the main point of basic operations. Within a year, he can do much better in experiments and appreciate the perceptions behind every action. He took part in experiments and modelling works. He is an active learner, always learning a lot from. not only the team’s iGEM project, but also in course work and future learning. The joy from learning, especially in biology, math, and physics, is his motivation of joining the iGEM competition.

Li, Ang - Laboratory Researcher

Ang Li, from SHSBNU, grade 11. He is the subject representative of biology in the first term of Grade 10. He has dabbled in genetic engineering and paleontology, and his future subject is genetic engineering or biological evolution. His goal is to get a doctor degree, and to become a geneticist or paleontologist in the future.

Zeng, Yuanhong - Laboratory Researcher and Co-artistic Designer

Yuanhong Zeng, from SHSBNU, grade 11. He is the researcher and co-artistic designer of the team. He has the talent of a biologist and an artist. He attends this competition because he is interested in the technology of synthetic biology, and he wants to step further in this field in the future.

Xin, Boyuan - Laboratory Researcher

Boyuan Xin, from SHSBNU grade 11. A boy with a mind full of thoughts. He comes to join the team to enhance his biological knowledge. Biological study is always his hobby. He made effort to boost our experimental process.

Yang, Chuyi - Laboratory Researcher

Chuyi Yang, from SHSBNU, grade 11. It was her first time to be a participant in the team. As a high school student, she plans to major in biology in her college year. Chuyi has been fascinated by science from a young age and she has been fund into iGEM. She likes Jung Kook in BTS.

Selected to conduct a biology research at Peking University in 10th grade, Chuning Gao started to self study biology. Reading books and articles related to neuroscience, she analyzed the relationship between biology and art history, particularly how brain processes visual image and regulates emotion and empathy. Concerned about real-life problems, she participated in iGEM 2018 in order to improve the community.


As the 2nd PI of team SHSBNU_China, He is a Biology teacher in 2nd HS attached to Beijing Normal University, international division. Graduated from Beijing Normal University, College of Life Science, as a PhD in Ecology, Nick have 7 years’ experiences of Biology teaching in SHSBNU. Dedicating himself in creating different levels of Biology courses to fulfill demands of different students, Nick started building Biology courses form the Standard Level Biology (SLB), then the online Moodle version of SLB, and then Accelerated Biology Course (ABC) for enthusiastic students. Following ABC is the Honored Biology Course (HBC) and Genetic Engineering Experiments (GEE) for students who’s willing to study further and deeper in Biology. These different levels of Biology Courses have prepared the students for international Biology contests like iGEM.


Yihao Zhang is a PhD student from Peking University and also a four-time iGEM competitor. This year Yihao is the instructor of iGEM team Peking, and he accepted the role as advisor of SHSBNU_China to help young enthusiastic high school students to chase their dream of designing life.

II. School

The International Division of the 2nd High School Affiliated with Beijing Normal University was founded in 2008. With a boarding campus, the international division is independent from the main campus of SHSBNU. It serves about eight-hundred students, including students from Project Global Access (PGA) and the Nacel International Exchange Program. PGA is a Sino-US Joint Program, introduced to the International Division in 2008, approved by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission and registered with the Ministry of Education. There are about 360 Chinese students enrolled in the PGA program, from grade 10 to grade 12. Teachers in PGA are also well-qualified, with a total of 53 Chinese and foreign teachers. The faculty includes experienced educators from China, US, Britain, The Philippines, and South Africa, some of which are alumni of international institutions such as Northwestern University, University of Michigan, Messey University, etc.