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All work was carried out by student members of TAS_Taipei 2018 and conducted at Taipei American School's Sandy R. Puckett Memorial Research Laboratory, unless stated otherwise. Our advisors, Jude Clapper and Teresa Chiang, helped troubleshoot our experiments and offered suggestions on all aspects of our project.





Literature Research Whole team participated.
Cloning DNA Constructs Catherine C, Tim H, Justin W, Leona T.
SDS-PAGE Gel Leona T.
ALDH2 Functional Test Justin W.
Protein Purification Justin W, Leona T.
PalcA Ethanol Promoter Testing Catherine C, Justin W, Jake Y.
Wiki Text Justin W, Tim H, Catherine C, edited by Teresa Chiang and Jude Clapper


Research Justin L.
Program Coding Justin L.
Experimental Data Analysis & Graphs Justin L.
Wiki Text Justin L, edited by Nicholas Ward, Teresa Chiang, and Jude Clapper


E. coli Nissle 1917 Functional Test Justin W.
Purified Enzyme Functional Test Justin W.
E. coli Nissle 1917 & L. lactis Transformation Catherine C, Tim H, Leona T, Justin W.
SEM Sample Prep & Imaging Catherine C.
Ball Drop (Viscosity) Experiment Tim H, Justin W.
E. coli Nissle 1917 Heat Threshold & Candy Experiments Leona T, Catherine C.
Wiki Text Justin W, Tim H, Catherine C, edited by Teresa Chiang and Jude Clapper

Human Practices

Dr. Che-Hong Chen Interview Catherine C, Leona T, Justin Y, Justin L, Charlotte C, Longan S.
Taiwan Alcohol Intolerance Education Society (TAIES) Workshop Emily T, Justin W, Charlotte C, Longan S, Yvonne W.
Hospital Calls Longan S, Catherine C, Colin H, Christy C, Chloe W, Nicole C, Iris H, Caroline C, Emily T.
Bioethics Roundtable Discussion Whole Team Activity
Survey Emily T, Iris H, Justin L, Chloe W, Catherine C, Christy C, Nicole C, Colin H, Longan S.
Dr. Stephanie Hsieh Interview Emily T, Tim H, Iris H, Catherine C.
Yakult Factory Visit Catherine C, Tim H, Leona T, Justin W, Justin L.
Kavalan Distillery Visit Emily T, Catherine C, Tim H, Justin W, Justin L.
Mrs. Michelle Bruce & Dr. Vera Wu Interview Nicole C, Emily T, Austin H, Iris H.
Marketing Plan Emily T, Nicole C, Austin H, Iris H.
Fundraising (Club and Spring Fair Sales) Whole Team Activity
Alcohol Manufacturer Interview Emily T, Iris H.
Dr. Cheng-Hua Lee Interview Emily T.
Policy Brief Iris H, edited by Richard Brundage
Education (7th Grade & Kindergarten) Whole Team Activity
Class Meeting & Health Class Presentations Catherine C, Justin W, Austin H, Catherine Y, Yvonne W, Justin Y, Emily T.
Outreach Trips (Survey and Bandage Tests) Emily T, Justin W, Tim H, Justin L, Charlotte C, Chloe W, Iris H, Caroline C, Longan S, Catherine C.
Asia Pacific iGEM Conference Longan S, Catherine C, Justin W, Tim H, Anna C, Yasmin L.
Collaborations Jake Y, Anna C, Yasmin L, Catherine C.
Communication with Publications Emily T.
Wiki Text Emily T, Iris H, Longan S, Charlotte C, Catherine C, edited by Teresa Chiang and Jude Clapper

Wiki & Graphic Design

Wiki Coding & Visual Design Caroline C, Charlotte C, William C.
Graphics & Animations Caroline C.
Sticker Paul A, Charlotte C, Emily T.
Infographic Nicole C, Shantih W, Chloe W, Emily T.
Poster (NCTU, Giant Jamboree) Catherine C, Tim H.
Cover Images Justin Y, Caroline C.


General Support

  • Ms. Queenie Liao, Science Department Assistant
  • Mr. David Iverson, Science Department Chair
  • Parents and friends of the TAS_Taipei 2018 team

Project Support & Advice

  • Dr. Che-Hong Chen
  • Dr. Stephanie Hsieh
  • Dr. Ying Chieh Tsai for recommending the use of L. lactis & E. coli Nissle 1917
  • Dr. Chuan-Mei Yeh for providing L. lactis
  • Dr. Rudolf von Bünau for providing E. coli Nissle 1917
  • Evelyn Lai, Kelsey Wang, and Ryan Chou for performing Interlab experiments
  • Phillip Wei & Ben Kao for editing the ball drop video
  • Guo Chen for banner design
  • Dylan Lin and Shin-Yi Chu for wiki support
  • Ethan Wu for modeling support

Fundraising Support & Advice

  • Dr. Dan Long & Ms. Jessica Lin

Lab Support

  • Integrated DNA Technologies: DNA Synthesis
  • MEDCLUB Scientific: IDT Distributor
  • Tri-I Biotech: Gene Sequencing and Primer Synthesis
  • THEPS Limited 中港環保工程股份有限公司: Lab Waste Treatment

Difficult Technique Support

  • Mr. Jude Clapper: Synthesis of acetaldehyde

Project Advisor Support

  • Mr. Jude Clapper
  • Dr. Teresa Chiang
  • Mr. Sean Tsao

Wiki Support

Some parts of this wiki have been derived from the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 TAS_Taipei wikis, which were designed entirely by the respective teams.

Presentation Coaching

  • Mr. Jude Clapper
  • Dr. Teresa Chiang

Human Practices Support

  • Yakult Factory
  • Kavalan Distillery
  • Dr. Vera Wu & Mrs. Michelle Bruce
  • Brian Pan
  • The Blue & Gold
  • Global Views Monthly
  • Today’s News
  • ICRT Radio
  • The News Lens
  • Dr. Cheng-Hua Lee
  • Connie Ma for putting us in contact with ICRT and The News Lens
  • Ling Chen for introducing us to Dr. Cheng-Hua Lee


  • NYMU_Taipei
    • For providing a protocol and lending us an electroporation machine
    • For helping us take plate reader measurements (alcohol promoter testing)
    • Trained our future iGEMers (Anna C., Jake Y., Yasmin L.)
  • Lambert_GA
    • Tested their ElectroPen prototype

A huge thank you to the following individuals for supporting our research program.
  • DR. SHARON HENNESSY, TAS Superintendent
  • DR. RICHARD HARTZELL, TAS Upper School Principal



  • Does your institution teach an iGEM or synthetic biology course? Taipei American School teaches a year long synthetic biology course. During the first semester, students learn synthetic biology techniques in both classroom and laboratory settings. During the second semester and over the summer, students work on their iGEM project.
  • When did you start this course? TAS started this course in 2013. The 2018 TAS_Taipei team began taking this class in August 2017.
  • Are the syllabus and course materials freely available online? We follow the BioBuilder curriculum (
  • When did you start your brainstorming? November 2017
  • When did you start in the lab? August 2017
  • When did you start working on your project? November 2017