Team:TUST China/Achievements





☑ Registration and Giant Jamboree Attendance: we are really excited to attend the final Jamboree.

☑  Competition Deliverables: Wiki, poster, presentation and judging form have been successfully completed on time.

☑ Attributions: we have completed Competition Deliverables smoothly.

☑ Contributions: we have completed the InterLab Measurement Study and met all the requirements.

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☑ Validated part: 26 parts has been registered (BBa_K2685000-BBa_K2685025), 16 parts was submitted and finally we constructed 2 improved parts (BBa_K2685000 and BBa_K2685001) as expected.

☑ Collaboration: we have significantly worked with many prestigious universities in China and abroad. For example, we helped Jilin-China iGEM team in troubleshooting, and assisted FJNU-China, BUCT-China teams to conducted experiments.

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☑ Human Practice:From the outset of launching our projects, we thought carefully whether it is good for the world and our work is responsible for the human. After having a basic outline, we set our successive goals and related communities we should engage in.

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☑ Integrated Human Practice: Except for designing relevant surveys, and giving out questionnaires among the public, we made lots of efforts to spread our project knowledge and synthetic biology propaganda. For instance, we consulted informative experts and companies for enlightening suggestions, visited the local disease control center where we received advanced approach to optimize our project procedures.

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☑ Improve previous parts: In the first place, we found the feasible parts and verified them. However, the results we got are not desire as we thought, so we reconstructed them though codon optimization. Finally, this part we improved can work effectively and efficiently.


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☑ Model project: we created a “rular” for assisting us to eliminate possible errors, and made a curve which can predict Tc concentration in the ecosystem.

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☑ Demonstration: obeying all the rules and regulations approved by the iGEM Safety Committee, we obtained favorable constructed bacteria strain, persuasive datas and powerful case studies.

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