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This year our team attaches more importance to whether the engineered bacteria we constructed can work well in real environment to obtain our anticipated target.

Compared with the common measurement method—HPLC, which is regarded as time-consuming, labor-consuming and with a high cost. The bioprocess we designed is of great convenience and effectiveness, it can sense and detect the Tc concentrations in the water sample. What’s more, the approach we designed is equipped with a relatively high sensitivity of 0.01μg/mL which is a remarkable progress in our project.

From other aspect, we collaborated with NKU_China team this year who assisted us in measuring data—MIC. According to the datas we got, there is no denying that we have triumphantly cultured bacteria of significant tetracycline tolerance.

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Additionally, we successfully synthesized two engineering plasmids, they are responsible for Tc detection and degradation respectively. Hence, we can sensitively detect the existing Tc concentration in realistic conditions and degrade it for preventing hazardous antibiotics pollution spread widely.

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