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Hajime Fujita

This is my third iGEM. It's been a long way since I started this team with a few people. Without all the hard work by excellent team mates, advisors and instructors, we couldn't reach this far, so I'd like to thank all of them.

Ryoga Misu

I constructed a prediction model as the dry lab leader in this team. I hope that this new-system developed by us will be actually used in this world and help people.

Kotaro Miyamoto

Through iGEM, I gained the experimental technique and the skill to sleep in a chair. I am looking forward to a wonderful encounter.

Hayato Ito

It’s my first time participating iGEM. I’m in charge of Wet lab. This year project is a new attempt that Tokyotech has never seen before. So, I’m looking forward to everyone’s reaction!

Nattanon Tharachai

Nattanon is participating iGEM for the first time. He has computer science / business background and is currently looking for new business potentials in the synthetic biology field.

Eriko Deguchi

This is my first time to join iGEM. I have been doing my best to achieve our goal. I hope our project will catch the attention of many more people.

Moe Takahashi

It is my first time to present my research activities. The project was very hard, but I think I could do my best in the team. For the future as well, I would like to talk to various people in Boston!

Soh Tsuruta

It is full of enthusiasm to the extent that you stay up all night before going to America and do not have jet lag.

Kazuya Isawa

It was my first time to participate in iGEM Competition. I am majoring computer science, so I heard a lot of unknown terms during iGEM activity. I’d like to enjoy iGEM 2018 Giant Jamboree!

Akito Machida

It is my first time to join in the iGEM Competition and go abroad! That's why I'm looking forward to the both and encountering many ideas I've never imagined, but I'm a little nervous. If you see me, please talk to. I want to make this good opportunity the best. Finally, we've done as much as possible for this contest. I hope our project would astonish you!




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