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Finding Flavi

Establishment of dengue virus serotype prediction and detection systems


Finding Flavi

Dengue virus, which is in the flavivirus family, is a worldwide spread virus and has huge impact on society, however, not many developing countries are recognizing its danger.

Dengue virus is unique in terms of its four different serotypes. Multiple infection can easily cause severe dengue, appearing hemorrhage and organ damage. It is important to grasp which serotype the patient is infected, however, there is not enough data about each serotype in a year.

To tackle the situation, we succeeded in the development of the serotype prediction system using stochastic process analysis. This system can predict the patient’s serotype by simulating the past data. We also developed the simple and fast testing kit that can detect serotype with fluorescence, so that we can check the patient easily and get enough data to estimate the patients’ serotypes more accurate. In the future, this system can contribute to other flavivirus detection system.

Tokyo Tech 2018   Finding Flavi 

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Establishment of dengue virus serotype detection system


Establishment of dengue virus serotype prediction system

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