Projects designed by one team is great, but with the help of others, it can become all the better. We would like to recognize the following teams we were able to work with this year that helped with the completion of our project! We hope that they enjoyed working with us as much as we did with them.


Our team’s project consisted of inducing flotation in E. coli cells by expression of gas vesicle proteins in the Arg1 operon (BBa_K2699000), which was modeled in a bioreactor system by our dry lab team. iGEM Bilkent-UNAMG’s team project involved the engineering of a cell-surface Penicillin-Binding Protein (PBP), designed to bind the beta-lactam ring on penicillin. In collaboration with this team, we were able to explore the potential for a bioremediation platform for separation of penicillin from waste water, by modeling constitutive expression of iGEM Bilkent’s PBP coupled with our regulated induction of the Arg1 operon in BL21 cells in a bioreactor system, simply by updating binding rate constant parameters for PBP characterization.

iGEM Queens

We collaborated with iGEM Queens by exchanging resources to help complete our respective projects. In exchange for helping us complete the design the banner illustration for the landing page on our wiki, we gave Queens our our pSB1C3 backbone with UNS that aided them with the insertion of their parts into the required backbone for submission.

iGEM Tec Monterrey- Guadalajara

We collaborated with the iGEM Tec-Monterrey Guadalajara and participated in their #ScienceEverywhere campaign that solidifies the international spirit of the iGEM competition. In exchange we surveyed the members of the Guadalajara team about attitudes towards genetically modified organisms and were able to compare their responses to our survey responses from students who don’t study or practice synthetic biology.

Ontario iGEM teams (iGEM McMaster, iGEM Queens, iGEM Brock, iGEM Waterloo, iGEM Ottawa, iGEM Guelph)

oGEM Ontario-wide meetup for participating iGEM teams as a simulation for the Jamboree. We were able to establish meaningful partnerships for both short-term and long-term purposes and interacted with all the teams at Ontario GEM (oGEM) this year. We gave a received feedback on our presentation and asked questions to simulate the judging experience.